Crossover combos?

Does Kyo have a crossover move? and if so, what are some combos you guys have for him?

I have tried so many different things w/ him and none of them work… :frowning:

his lk and d+hp in the air …follow with combo of choice after the lk

Well, I did a very deep middle kick on a crouching opponent the other day. But I haven’t seen a CO on a standing opponent yet.

Thats a very rare case. That only happens vs larger chrs if they are crouching. Not practical considering that people will most likely always be standing when trying to block a cross up.

Kyo’s “real” cross up, jump short, is generally one of the worst cross ups in CvS2. The positioning for the cross up to actually hit is different vs a crouching chr. So if you position yourself to crosss someone up if they are standing, all your opponent has to do to avoid the cross up is crouch, and it will completely whiff(this isnt a problem vs extremely large chrs however). If you position yourself to cross them up if they are crouching, you will end up hitting them from the front and not cross them up at all if they stand up(aand they will stand up since your jumping on them). To make matters worse, since Jump short is a light attack, the hit stun for the intitial hit is short, and jump hort will only hit really early vs standing chrs, so its extremely hard t combo after it vs mid or light weight chrs. it also refuses to hit meaty vs a chr thats getting up(again, not a problem vs large chrs).

d+hp is not a crossup and if you connect you knock them down.

I’m pretty sure a crossup is a crossup whether they fall down or not, and d+hp does cross-up

The thing about is that it can be done very early, and you can still land cross-up combos. Ducking wouldn’t be very smart for even average size character, because he CAN combo off of a cross up short, i do it all the time. If you see it coming it is very easy to walk under because its hit box is so small, BUT there are some good mixups with it, but i wont bother explaining, because i dont think anyone cares

listen to haduken111 you should post more often fool.

D+hp is a cross-up on big characters like Sagat and Yama, I know this for a fact because I saw David Hem doing it to my friend at a tourny once. As for his lk cross-up, yeah it does suck. But if you do land it you can do jab, jab, mp, qcf+mp, qcf+mp, k. Sadly that is about the only thing you can combo afterwards, other than short x3, qcf+lk, k, then his level 2 or three Serpent wave. Hey Kamui did you read that guy’s post about kyo’s throw into super, I haven’t had a chance to try it.