Crossover combos

just started getting into elena, and i enjoy using her…

something ive been really liking are her crossups…

from my readings her b&b is that c.strong xx ex spinning scythe… but i find myself going for the crossover jumping mk-c.short-dp or ex dp(dont know the name), or ill do jumping mk-c.short-SA2(crazy damage if their crouching).

using her competitively, are her crossups worth going for, i dont see her as someone with alot of air superioirty. do i stick w/ the c.strong business?


Combo rips up the competition using throws and ground-based pokes (a lot of roundhouse), but some people jump around with her a lot. Me, I find that jumping tends to get me hosed with her a lot. Find what you like. If you do well jumping with her, there’s nothing saying you can’t. It’s just hard to give up the extreme effectiveness of back + roundhouse and c.strong xx SA2. To each his own. =D

Her crossup is pretty good. It doesn’t deal much hitstun, but you can do all that stuff mentioned plus a few others. You can just do the super straight up after the crossup, a little safety in case you find yourself hitting the short too late. If it’s fairly deep, you can connect s.strong cancelled into ex spinning scythe and do the juggle for some good damage.

I like to jump because of the many two-hit options she has, such as roundhouse or jab-forward. The latter is extremely good, if they parry once, they have to parry twice. If they get hit, sometimes the forward won’t come out, but you can use this to your advantage. If you do these jumpins late, they’re pretty safe.

One of my favorite tricks is to jump in with a two-hit chain, and either kara throw or combo a c.short off the jump in first.

Like any character, however, I advocate using jumps sparingly.