Crossover defence!


So im not a bad player,i main Guile and my offence is pretty good…Ive just started online and have 4000bps in a few days…

BUT i find any match i lose is usually down to a player using constant crossover techniques!
I know how they work but keep getting caught out???

Any constructive advice for me anyone???



Try not doing a flash kick everytime you see them jump.


Training mode. Set up the situation w/record feature and find guiles options.


practice more.


So helpful…

But to another poster’s point. Figure out what it is that’s giving you trouble. With different characters’ crossups, you can perform different counters, like cr hp. Or, you may just need to block. THEN, practice that in the lab to see what works. I just got a pretty good response about what to do after the jump in in a thread I made yesterday. IMO This will help if blocking’s the only option.


Flashkicks aren’t the best defense against crossups, auto correct is wonky, and you’ll often get kicked out of it or just plain whiff, also remember being crossed up can kill your charge, your opponent WANTS to cross you up .

Guile has some awesome normals and his air throw, and you can always try dashing or blocking, but really your job as a Guile player is to keep your opponent away from you. Or if not away close on YOUR terms, basically you pressuring the hell out them with your awesome normals.


Thank you, some good advice…I have tried practice mode record…It sucks in an xbl match when i get down the block part then i get spam thrown! lol! Maybe it is a case of practicing more??? All the same i will keep using the record untill im more comfortable with the situation.


So true, i have many a time made the mistake of a whiffed flashkick and been punished! Im pretty good at keeping my opponent where i want but that person with a bit more knowledge or more points seems to always get in??? Its a bummer??? Thanks though all the same!


What cross over situation are you getting thrown from? When they train you to block and go for an empty cross over or switch to an attack with less block stun so they can throw you after I would guess.


Well, they cross me over then if i get the block right they throw a low jab just for me to block then go in for the throw??? Spamming defence isnt great…Im not a bad player but just those small things like teching throws etc seem to catch me out!

You seem to know what your talking about…Maybe add me for a match and give me some pointers???

Flashkick Phil is my xbl name.

Thanks anyway.


Use Guile’s shades. They help you see which way the cross-up is going to land alot better.


No can do, buddy, I’m on PSN. I suggest adding a single option to your tool set at a time so that you can determine the ins and outs without getting overwhelmed. Next time you play make it a goal to try a specific solution to the problem you are having, say a neutral jump or back dash.

If you do it too often your opponent will punish you for it, if they’re any good, but that is good as it tells you what beats that option. Eventually you should compile a pretty extensive list of options for many situations, who they work against and under what circumstances. Don’t approach shortcomings in your game thinking there will be a one fit solution, you need to build up that matrix of solutions, situations, and match ups. The only universal tactic is BLOCK MORE.

I’ll stress this again, finding yourself in this situation is YOUR shortcoming. Don’t try to make it a negative attribute of your opponent’s game by saying they are spamming throws. Getting over that mindset is the first step to no longer being free.

So this scrub is going to cross you up 3 times in a row? The real scrub is the guy getting crossed up 3 times in a row. Have you tried dashing? All of your normals? What about that air throw, an early jumping lk, blocking?

So blocking worked… but now he is tick throwing you. That doesn’t invalidate blocking, it simply stresses the need for adaptation and the importance of controlling the match, and serves to illustrate how incorrect the “one solution fits all mindset” is.


Wow! I really take my hat off to you…This is so helpful and the fact you took the time to do so is appreciated!

Your right, i shouldnt be allowing myself to get into the situation where a crossup is happening, also i should be teching throws!

Thank you my friend! Great advice!