Crossover fighting games

which fighting games would you like to see come 2gether with a crossover? I would love to see a MK vs SF or GG vs BB. any other ideas?

Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter vs Hokuto No Ken vs Sengoku Basara X vs Battle Fantasia vs King Of Fighters vs Guilty Gear vs MSH vs X-menCota vs Killer Instinct vs Eternal Champions vs Breakers Revenge vs Last Blade vs Vampire Savior vs JoJos Bizarre Adventure vs Samurai Showdown vs Super Gem Fighters Mini mix.

I would settle for HnK vs Pocket Fighter.

Breaker’s Revenge vs Street Fighter, lol


At most, I really just want a “Dream Match” Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure game, covering the ENTIRE franchise, including Steel Ball Run. So, if that counts as a crossover, that’s all I want.

Of course, I’d be happy if Capcom just got some one like 8ing to make a new Jojo game (ideally, based off of SBR), period. JBA is still one of my all time fave fighters, and it’s sad that it hasn’t been given a sequel since. Maybe some day…

Tekken vs VF

I want Capcom behind a Jump Ultimate Stars game. I like the system, but I think if they brought it to the Wii it could have so much more possibilities. Bobobobo vs. Jotaro, Naruto vs. ichigo.

It could be either like Smash or like MvC, I just would like to see it.

Fighters Megamix 2.

Vampire Dio Brando vs Velociraptor horse-jockey Dio Brando.


Tonka vs. sandbox

kurokiba vs. an original thread.

kurokiba vs. the search function

Hanna-Barbara vs. Capcom.

Not even kidding. Race Bannon barrel chuck for meter build + Aquaman fish storm super for chip = too good.

And let’s not even start with the Space Ghost tri-jumping bullshit. He’ll be like a badly animated Magneto, I guarantee it.

SERIOUS EDIT: The only crossover game I’d really be jonesing to see would be a new Capcom vs. SNK or (if they swear a blood oath to do it RIGHT this time) a new SNK vs. Capcom. Depending on how deep both companies can probe into some of their sub-holdings (Data East, old Clover shit like God Hand), you could get some seriously fucked-up and awesome rosters going. Dare I hope for J. Max from World Heroes and the Satsui no Gridiron?

Sucks due to lack of Waku Waku 7.


Sengoku Basara V.S. Sengoku Musou

I would seriously like to see a Hokuto No ken vs Street fighter. Ken vs Ryu or Raoh vs Akuma Epic. Jagi vs Dan oh god that would be crazy autographs and statue spams. Yeah Sammy and Capcom need to work together on that .

Dead or Alive vs Tekken

^he said it for me. :smiley: