Crossover Idea?


Since the capcom and Snk might do another game together if their is enough fan support. I think if they did a game like marvels series, it would be dope. whats your thought on this?


i think it would be cool if the capcom made a new cvs


Marvel vs. Final Fantasy. 2D.


Capcom vs Air Fighter


SRK vs. Capcom


cocks vs capcom 2002: a crossover of dongs

  • Watson will only be in the arcade version, removed from the console port.

  • Viscant will have 40+ win poses.

  • 95% of the roster will be low tier.


A bad idea for a crossover would be the streams. Don’t cross the streams.


Anime vs Street Fighter


Capcom vs Capcom



Peanut Butter vs. Jelly


Real Bout Fatal Fury vs Final Fight


Street Fighter vs Rival Schools
2d, like tatsu or Sf4.


they already made that except for they took all of the gay characters out and called it dissidia


Fixed. And don’t let me catch you trying to say otherwise.


yeah like ironman or some shit is cooler than cloud okay


No, they just need to make the crossover that should have happened a decade ago.

Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter. Just do it already. It’s the sole reason Mugen even exists.


I just want to quote this for emphasis, I absolutely have to save this before you change it.

Now while I die of laughter, you’re going to want to hand your balls in at your local ManPoints Bank.


Lolis vs more lolis.

Learn to troll please.[/COLOR]


Nah, they just need a SF game that features all SF characters. It’ll play like a cross over game with 2v2 or something, just SF characters only.