Crossover Results

Here are the top 3 winners of each tourney:

Capcom vs. SNK 2:

1st place: Trent Van Deven
2nd place: Cheng-Chung Chow
3rd place: Placido Buniao III

Tekken 4:

1st place: Spencer
2nd place: Roger
3rd place: Alex Jebailey

More results will be on the website. Can’t put them up now, gotta study. Thanks guys!


Hey man, thanks for a good tournament. The turnout was pretty impressive in my opinion.

I had a digicam with me, but damn, i forgot to take pictures!

The final match between Cheng and Trent was pretty exciting, but man i want my rematch…:bluu: .

Later, until next time-


Btw, guiness, i got yo dollar biatch!


Technically it was YOUR dollar, remember who beat you 9 wins in a row at Wackadoo’s.

It was a good tournament, At least I got 3rd in Tekken, But Chen I want my rematch, I can, have and will beat you. But our semifinal match was awesome for sure.


:lame: blah blah, you got me on a bad day, bombed a test, or whatever.

anyway, how can you take cheng out if you can’t take out me or joe?

Originally posted by GUINNESS

Did I stutter?

Fun tournament. Very very impressive set up, alot nicer then alot of tournaments I’ve been to. Hope you guys do another.

We will be hosting another Tournament somwhere in the first few weeks of January. Same place, different time. More than anything, it WILL be on the weekend, and there will be more organization. I felt that things could have run a lot smoother, but I nitpick to make sure everything is catered to the crowd. what did you guys think?

Wow, what a pithy reply, “Did I stutter?” Quite clever really, and I love how convenient it is for you to forget that you were everyone’s bitch in cvs2 at crossover. :rolleyes: Wow, you showed tremendous skill using your cheap paul in t4. ::golf clap::

Sure you beat me nine times in a row at locos, but really how hard is it for anyone to beat me on a joystick? Not very considering i lose to scrubs all the time and like to play in p-groove. Care to try fighting me in that groove? I recall you saying one day how you can use p-groove, but i’ve yet to see it.

The day i lost 9 times in a row was a day i lost to a scrub 9 times in a row.

You have beat Cheng, yes, but everyone knows he is a better player flat out. Go get some more pointers from Trent (who played an exciting match btw) because you need them.

Now on to future tournaments:

Joe, get more screens. I know that 4 was a lot already, but maybe you can get some smaller TVs so we can have other games set up like SF3, SC, MVC2 or whatever else. The smaller ones could be set up in between the larger ones .


Enough bickering small Shaft…(edit) well play me for money, that’ll settle all, home or arcade stick I’ll beat you, and no more 1 dollar crappy betting I’m talking 10-20 bucks a match and I even challenge Cheng, and I was everyone’s what, I played Trent and Cheng and lost to both, nobody else. Sorry I wasn’t on the Scrubs bracket like you and Joe were.

Anyways yeah IMO about the tourney it went very well, but I think next time, when it’s time for the game. Put all the TV’s on that game, it kind of deters from the main game at hand, people won’t be interested in watching rather then playing all the other games besides the competition, just my opinion.


Sure you lost to them during the tournament, we didn’t see each other because of different brackets, if we did, you would have lost to me too. The only person i lost to was Joe, fucking close though, so are you calling him a scrub?

I liked that tactic you did of saying, “lets watch their match” then pausing and unpausing it while i was watching. Very clever indeed. But you’re right, let’s end the bickering…

Next fri at your place right? We’ll play for cash bigger than $1 thats fine by me.

Good point. I did notice that not everyone was watching the matches because some were to busy fucking around playing other games instead of helping out…(CHENG). That will change next go around.


Just a friendly advice, alex. If you underestimate chirs, you are in a big trouble. I have trouble with his P groove most of the time…

Maybe I will go to your house next sat too. I just want to see who’s whose bitch…hehehehehe…