can someone maybe give me some pointers about these damn crossovers.i am pretty confident that i have my game wrapped up tight.but when i start to lose control it’s right about the time when my oponent starts unleashing their crossover skills.this seth today online wrecked my life with his abilities using crossovers.can someone give me a few tips?:rock:


Guard high in the opposite direction. You might be able to auto-correct DP them too.


Cross-UPS. But yes, block the opposite direction. A good player with a good crossup (Adon, Abel, Dee Jay, Bison, etc.) can go for a more ambiguous crossup though, watch your spacing.


Cross-ups can be hard to deal with if you’re new to them. The correct way to block as mentioned already is to block in the opposite direction (yes that means inputting like you are waling face-first into their attack.)

The things to watch for are spacing (can only cross-up from so far away) and patterns (many people like to cross-up after knocking someone down.)

Things that can help avoid getting crossed up:

[*] Dashing - If you dash toward them (and your dash is fast enough) sometimes you can end up too far away for them to hit.

[*] Crouching attacks - some of these actually lower your hitbox enough so that the cross-up misses and they’re left standing there

[*] Anti-Air - They can’t cross you up if you just punched them in the groin!

[*] Avoiding corners - All kinds of cross-up shenanigans can happen in the corner and some really good combos are corner-only…stay away as best you can.


If someone jumps at you from a close range, try and walk underneath them. You’ll either make them miss, or you’ll end up blocking the cross-up, and be prepared to throw if they miss.


You can also focus the attack then backdash away for safety.