Crossup bug

There is a bug where when you land after you crossup someone, you’re facing the wrong direction (as if you didn’t crossup). This happens to me from time to time (I mostly play Dic) and it’s very annoying.

Is there any way to avoid that ?

Isn’t that from hitting a crouching opponent on cross up ?

Hmm maybe, but even when the opponent is crouching it doesn’t always happen.

The game has multiple crossup bugs where you will attack the wrong direction, and it’s fucking infuriating.

If you do headbutt grab with boxer and cross over, with unfortunate timing his dumbass will punch the wrong way, leaving him wide open.

I think it ultimately boils down to whatever “rule” in the game programming dictates change of direction. Assumedly, there is a frame delay before the character changes direction, and ultimately you are beating that frame delay with button inputs, which once executed, lock your character in the “wrong” direction for the duration of a move.

Thats an interesting post because it is not uncommon in a Gief vs Dict. match to block a Psycho Crusher from close to the corner and upon the immediate finish of the move go for a SPD because you end up right next to him and Gief ends up doing the whiff animation backwards and it’s not even a reversal.

Makes me wonder just how long that delay is ???

Isn’t the same mechanics that is often seen in combo videos?

Character A jump in, hits and cross up. Character A continues its combo on the oter side while Character B, still in hit animation, continues facing its original direction.