Crossup Craziness



This just struck me as kooky, so I thought you guys should know.

When someone jumps in reasonably deep, do a standing strong (parried) xx low LOV (whiff) xx SA (1 or 2 is fine). The LOV animation crouches Remy WAY down, and moves him safely under the opponent (see: Low Fierce --> Kasumi Gake escape). But since you’re using a cancellable special to cross under the opponent, you start the super: (A) While they’re still point-blank in the forward parry from the strong, and (B) from an immediate reverse-angle.

It’s amusing. Try it.

N - I think I can make an unblockable outta this…


hey thats pretty neat, i’ve encoutered situations when i actually dash straight through opponents sometimes do u know why that happens?

crouch fierce cross over? explain that again in english lol
"so confused it hurts my little head"


Gah, I need to fix these things when I post them early in the morning.

I meant [standing forward(mk) xx kasumi-gake], part of my wide assortment of Ibuki safe runaway. [Low fierce xx jumpcancel] is a whole other story.



It is the ground cross glitch. It is actually usefull. Mopreme made a video about it. Find it here:


That’s not quite the same thing. Remy can literally dash through a standing opponent, ninja-style (two, TWO Ibuki references in the same thread! It’s a sign!). It’s happened to me once or twice too. Freaks me out. I think it’s because Remy has such a narrow collision box, he probably slides right through at some angles.

N - I guess this would be Kara-Supering.


Ghost Remy

i was practicing red parrying necro’s 3 hit lariat, and i red parried the second hit but i hit dash instead of just tapping forawrd for the next hit so after i parried i dashed straight through him. I think ithis happens cus of the leap like motion of rem’ys dash it seems he jumps kinda up first before dashing so maybe if he is close enough to a incoming opponent and dooes the little hop up close the rest of the dash will past right through.


Ghost Remy

Yeah, I encountered that sort of thing on several occassions. That ‘getaway’ might be possible due to the range of his dash and probably not his sprite.

I think…that is…I think the idea is that any characer can maneuver with a dash during the start up frames of the opponents attack. Thus…

you could dash and cross up another Remy player during the animation between his sweeps.

(I also recall Chun Li’s dashing through Remys s. RRF.)

Remy can also dash through and end up behind Chun Li during the start up frames of her s. fierce.

Lastly, I don’t know if such crazy ‘getaways’ are character specific but I do know that any character can dash through/under a UOH.

The best 'predictible use of this glitch is when you’re in the corner with very little life to work with, you pinned by some cheesy “dragon-punch-type” or slow super and you don’t want to parry all of the hits (like Dudleys SAI or Seans SAII/ Kens SAIII or Yuns SAIII). You would blue/red parry the hits of the first set and dash through the opponent while they are still spinning for the next hit and you kick their ass from behind.


speaking of cross overs i finally found out remy has a jumping cross over with the LK what applications could u do to use this move? is it worth it? i can’t combo anything off it to start.


Crossup sadness

While crossing up isn’t nessesary to win. I have always enjoyed its usefulness in situations like being stuck in a corner and then crossing up helped switch whos in the corner. remy can cross up but its shit.

that j.short cross can’t connect with anything.
and I swear I thought I crossed up someone with a j.rh. Its a shame actually. That Capcom didn’t give everybody at lease some sort of cross up attack. Its standard simplicity with those shoto characters. Shit its so easy with them sometimes it makes me sick.

BTW doesn’t the CBK cross up sometimes?


when the opponent is in the corner remy can do a cross over jumping fierce punch go into a crouching strong followed by a RRF.

remy only has cross overs if the opponent is in the corner for some reason.


I can recall on several moments where if the opponent did a move where the top of their body lunges forward (chun lis s. fierce) and I do something like air roundhouse/ Fierce I automatically get a cross up.

Air short cross up, what is it good for? do it really deep and it will combo into his SAII.