crossup dashes

on which characters will ken’s dash crossup on their wakeup? i just watched a video and ken crossed up 12 on wakeup (midscreen). does anybody have information on which characters this’ll work and if it works in the corners?

I think almost every character can be crossed up that way. In mopremes total Ryu vid, he does it to a bunch of characters.

It works on: 12, Alex, Hugo, Necro, Dudley and Urien.
Does not work on: The girls, shotos, or twins.
[edit] *These are all in the corner. I don’t know anything about mid-screen ground cross-ups…

  • If you set it up with neutral throw, you can quickly tap forward, then dash to make it a little more difficult to see. If you knock them down and start mashing dash, it becomes too obvious what you’re trying to do. The key to hiding the dash is knowing when exactly in their tech animation the dash will cross. It’s easy to get the hang of it in a little bit of time in training mode.

Vs. Urien, you can cross him up in the corner with j.MK, back throw, dash up and UOH cross-up.

you can cross up shotos in the corner you bigi silly.

another good cross up, and I say good because it has worked for me in tournaments, is if you anti air parry hit them with a jab and when you land dash.

Urien can also cross over you if you try to tech roll after hitting the ground.

so how do u cross up these characters? and is there an easy to dash without u having to tap forward for it??

nope you don’t get three punch dashes in this game. You gotta tap forward twice.

you can crossthrough chun in the corner if you throw her back and she quick rolls.

You can also cross up-Tatsumaki over the opponent, this is tricky if they get confused which way to block. It is easier to use the EX version for better range and easier execution.

EX Dash? WTF?!

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Not Ex Dash, the high jump move, and do you the EX Tatsumaki…

Why would I waste meter to get into the corner?
Honestly, Just Jump over them, If you think you’ll land too late then don’t do it at all.

they might think you did it on accident and not react accordingly?

That makes sense…

Yes, its a tricky thing to do, cross-up EX Tatsumaki.

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I’m pretty sure a lot of these things aren’t thoroughly considered during a tournament match, but they’re fun things to try out during casuals. Except the EX tatsu thing in the corner. That one was a kinda waste of meter but I was trying to help the dude out.

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