Crossup Defense

Crossup is one of the tactics I have the most trouble with as a player, probably because I have a habit of playing somewhat defensively. What are the best tactics for Guile to counter and/or defend against crossup attacks?

Know when the crossup is coming and react accordingly?

Um… I know when crossup is coming, it’s the details about “react accordingly” that I’m having trouble with.


Dash forward and st.hp?

Jumpback hard kick or air throw?

block and option select?

autocorrect lk. flash kick? FADC if Flash kick is blocked?

the best way is i think to just defend then follow up with the mind game, as flash kick will not help at all unless it is being auto corrected which i don’t think in this case or you can do an fa on wake up and dash back to safety

apart from that , i don’t have any suggestion :frowning: or you can try to do an ultra lol

Thanks for the suggestions. Dash forward is a great suggestion. I’m having trouble getting used to dashing appropriately, guess it’s just slipping into old SF2 mode not realizing I have a dash. :rolleyes:

FA dash is probably a good idea. I have a bad habit of my FA coming out in the wrong direction on crossup if I’m actually attacking with it.

yeah i have the same problem too and having played kof long time ago too i always think that i can cancel the dash to a special moves too :frowning: like dash then flash kick lol which won’t work at all


When dashing forward, make sure you do it early or like wakeup dash forward. Otherwise you’ll get caught mostly because you’re dashing and not blocking at all. It’s a high risk maneuver which I kind of suggest not doing so much as your opponent will get to the point rather quickly of punishing you for it.

in my opinion, I think doing a Focus Attack on wake up is pretty good, it has helped me a lot, especially against those crazy El Fuertes, those people who spam his body slam cross up when you are getting up.

also, a good alternative, is to block, and anticipate your opponent’s next move. mind games basically. you have to be sharp as hell.

more so, if your opponent is “late” with the cross up, a good EX Flash Kick would be nice.

hope that helps.

Best way to avoid getting crossed up is to not getting knocked down! =P

Failing that, it’s probably best to just block (opposite side remember) and do late tech throws.

If the opponent jumps late, dashing is a way to escape.

FA on wake up is only good for select scenarios. But if the cross up is deep, you’re pretty much going to get a 2-in-1, breaking your hyper armour.

who do you think u are? honda?

auto correct fk is not viable as anti cross up

I must admit every time I’ve tried that it ended up with them on the ground blocking and me getting punished.

I have trouble with cross ups also.

FA are character specific and not really an option with, say a Ryu, Ken…any shoto. They have too many options to follow up with after you FA out of the cross up. It may work a couple of times, but they’ll eventually catch on.

In my experience, some of the characters to FA a crossup are Fuertes, Gief (but if it’s an empty jump in, you’ll get grabbed and SPD’d), Honda, Chun, Guile.

You can try an early c.HP, that I’ve found that has worked the few times that I actually remember to do it early. If you do it late, the cross up always wins. Basically, if they’re in cross up distance, hit c.HP as soon as you see them jump.

Blocking probably remains the best option, but the problem is knowing when the throw is coming. If you blind tech throw, you’ll still be eating some sort of combo. It just comes down to experience and instict, and it’s something I’m still learning to counter/get out of.

depending on the character my opponent is using, say they are using Abel, i try to ram out the back dash to avoid the command throw after the cross up J MK for example.

Again, the best thing you can do is block and tech throw and throw attempts