Crossup Demon Fail/Glitch :o

I was playing against a Fei and went for a Crossup Demon (Super) for the win. Fei did a cr.HP as I crossed over. Super Demon missed passing right through Fei. I was like, “WTH!” lol

After the match I went into Training to reconstruct this glitch. Sure enough Crossup Demon Fail/Glitch
is confirmed. LOL Not only that but it effects both Super and Ultra. I then selected a few characters
besides Fei and sure enough it happens for Abel and Gouken. It did not for Ken, Ryu, and Chun. Chun moves forward with cr.HP so this glitch may never apply but I think the timing is just stricter with Ken and Ryu. Dont know. I just stopped trying since it was clearly easier with the 3 characters mentioned.

Maybe this is already found/posted but just wanted to FYI you all. First time I saw it in an actual match.

Ooops, it is old news. Sorry all. This can be deleted mods. Thanks.