Crossup jab...?

How the fuck do you land this shit?

crossup jab, low short xx f,d,df+punch xx electric snake…???

dont even bother man, just use #1 super corrner them do 4hp, 1hp, 5lp, super. or 2lk, lp spin punch, (on hugo, alex, Q, urien) do 3x1hp, 5lp, super.
2lk, lp spin punch, (all girls) lp+dp, super
2lk, lp spin punch, (shogos, and necro, yun & yang, oro) 4mp, super.
4lk, 5mp, super
2lk, super
4hk, 2lk, super,

super 1 is best for kewl look ing juggles becuase the combos are nice but the super makes them awesome

What is the 4hp and all that stuff? I kind of don’t understand all that

look at the number pad on your keyboard and imagine you’re on the left facing right (so 4 = back)

it is 3-d game terminology