Crossup piano throw reversal question

Quick question.

I’ve been playing Blanka lately and it seems that nearly every time I cross up my friend when we’re playing he pianos like crazy and is able to reversal throw me. Sometimes I get a second move in (like a cr. mk) but sometimes I don’t. Sometimes he even purposely absorbs the crossup, letting it hit him just to be able to throw me.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong here. Can anyone tell me what it is? Am I hitting on the crossup too late? Too early?


Too early if you’re trying to combo. A defending opponent can’t do moves in the middle of block stun. The goal is to time your cross up j. short late enough so that you have time to do another move before they come out of blockstun. That way they can’t counter in between your possible combo.

combo a close strong after the xup short. it’s like 2 frame startup thus really easy to combo. it’ll also space you out of their grab range unless they’re gief/honda/hawk/rog/sim and maybe a couple others.

and if he’s gonna piano reversal every time. just xup again (unless he’s skinny like chun ri or cammy) and combo him on his whiff fierce/roundhouse

Thanks for the help guys! The strong mixed with the xup again suggestion kept me in a much better place.