Crossup setups?

Hi, I mained Gouken a long time ago, then moved to Akuma and later on to Makoto (yikes!) : Anyway, Makoto is almost useless and Akuma can be too hard, so I’m back to the old man and having a lot of fun with him.

However since now the flip doesn’t hit overhead and the mindgame with the sweep is gone, it can be hard to get damage, so I was hoping some help with crossup setups to compensate, I wanted to know which are your preferred options here.

For example, I like to use:

  • backthrow, (second hit), s.lp reset, j. mk for crossup.
  • backthrow, hk tatsu fadc, switch sides, s.lp reset, for crossup

Any consistent demon flip crossup setups that you know, I can’t remember any right now :clown:

Any suggestions?

U can do back throw >> Cr.HP >> HK Demon Flip and if opponent is crouching the HK DF will actually cross up, but I think its character specific though, not sure if its something ur looking for.

Yes, things like that indeed, thanks a lot :woot:

hk df right after ultra.
hk df after max range sweep hit.
mk df after close range sweep hit.
mk df after close c.hp block.
forward throw > forward dash > pause slightly > hk df.

This is cool. I don’t have crossup setups so it’s blatantly obvious when I try to go for it. Short kick and forward kick in the air work as crossups but I don’t ever see people use ex air hurricane kick but it’s quite useful if it’s properly timed. Since the forward momentum lets you accelerate away you can do it last second and do a couple of chip hits and fly away. Risky business as usual since the recovery time is so bad for that move but its there.

df throw - cross-up mk but everyone knows that. Good stuff raun.

Very Relevant to the thread: [media=youtube]ffoZu5p9r_A&feature=player_embedded[/media]

-forward throw > forward dash > forward dash > j. mk. This KILLS charge characters, you can have Guile doing flash kicks the wrong way and all sorts of shit. You can do the same set up for shoto’s but you’ll need to use j. lk as your cross up to stuff the srk. Depending on how you time it, the cross up can be very ambiguous, many times I don’t even know if it will cross up or not if I’m trying to be ambiguous, you’d just have to plan that they won’t plan for a reversal, but if you safe ju,pmed… :slight_smile:

-EX GF at point blank range allows you to cross up all characters as well, you can also opt. to hit them in the front as well. The easiest set up for this is to use a jump in attack and if they block execute it. You can also knock them down and dash up or empty jump in and then use the EX GF. There are a lot of mix up options off of this simple set up.

  • Hakan, you can cross him up with lk Gouken Flip at point blank range. I’m pretty sure there are others… maybe Blanka and Honda if you consider their hit boxes.

Interestingly enough hakan and a couple others can be crossed up with j.fp on crouch for sure.
And the dash>dash after a hard knockdown is priceless…also I wouldn’t say GF parry is entirely useless…if timed right you can land right inside the last hit of a lariat and bust a super or ultra…
Let us not forget also j.lp>cr.lp>tatsu(ex) works wonders against the lariat…!

Thanks a lot, all those look quite interesting, I can’t wait to try them out :shy:

More questions (sorry to ask so much but I want to get up to speed with Gouken):

  1. Counter Hits: which are the best? I know about fb fadc whatever, any others really worth learning?

  2. Meaties: What are his best options here.

  3. Flip throw setups: I know there are a hundred setups, but any really useful bnb flip throw setups that you can suggest I would be grateful.

The phunkism vids are amazing, there’s some crazy stuff there, however I’m having lots of problems with this combo: ex palm, fadc 2nd hit, fb,, flip grab. If I use hk flip most of the time he’s goes too far, and with mk flip grab I’m not close enough. I got it right once with hk flip but I keep missing over and over.

BTW maybe I’ve lost a lot with my Gouken execution but flip grabs seem a lot harder for me now in ssf4. On the other hand now 2nd hit seems a lot easier, the backthrow, 2nd hit, ex tatsu works almost 100% and it’s amazing :woot: Also ex tatsu seems a lot more reliable anti air, I like it a lot now. Sorry for my random thoughts lol

If you’re just going for the grab replace with and you’ll always land right infront of him for the grab. The timing for is weird, but the benefit is you can cross up with your goukenflip kick.

I usually land only the second hit to gouken’s Jumping MP like 40% of the time, any tips to land his successfully. I usually get bot hits not one, how can I manage frequent one hit jumping MPs.

Instead of picturing a bounce or juggle from the mp where your opp body travels like ryu, try to picture your opponent falling and richocheting down diagonally from goukens elbow. Use the graph paper background in training mode to set a reference point… :slight_smile:

I use as visual cue when the head of gouken is dissapearing at the top of the screen, then I press mp and it works

You are awesome, i would’ve never thought of this thank you!!

I was messing with frame traps and came across this cross up set up today. * Will indicate where there is a frame trap so be mindful of reversals and the frame trapping rules.

-Jump in (optional) > st. mp > cr. mk* > mk GF cross up dive kick. I didn’t bother figuring out the character specifics yet (not enough time b/c I’m working), but it works on Cody and Sagat. You can also use st. mp > cr. lp* > mk GF to get the same set up.

-if you are up close you can. cr. lp (optional)* > lp fireball > cr. mp* > hk GF cross up dive kick as well. You can also enter this with a jump in dive kick which is good those of us who like to vortex and safe jump.

Cross up set up from reset. EX Palm FADC > J. HP > mk GF / j. mk / j. lk (cross up). You can time the mk GF/ j. mk / j. lk to hit in the front as ambiguous as well for your mix up.

Don’t know if that has been posted before but i like to close standing HP into LK-Flip (mostly grab). Of course not too much but sometimes it catches people off guard.

What i noticed today is when i use a cl.HP, MK-Flip into dive kick, i can cross them up with the right timing (relatively early dive, sometimes mashing works). I only tried it on Dan though.

Ok, now i also tried cr.HP MK-Flip kick from up close and it always seems to cross Dan up. No timing used on the dive kick, just plain mashing. I also tried it on Ryu. It also only seem to work in combos that start from the front like j.HP, cr.HP, MK-Flip dive kick. When i use cross-up MK the dive kick will land in front of them not hit their back.

During the GF Loop you can can set up pretty much all the cast using one of the 2 options.

Small - Average Hit Box = st. cl. mk > lk GF Dive kick. Time this so when you are right above their head, you will cross them up.

Large Hit Box = st. cl. fp > mk GF Dive Kick. Time this so when you are right above their head, you will cross them up.

Cr. FP > MK GF works on most of the cast, and is an ambiguous cross up on others.

This is my favorite cross-up setup:

Shin Sho full animation, HK DF kick ASAP.

Depending on how early you press and the character size you are gonna cross up or not, and better than that, you will right over their heads so most ex shoryu(ex or not) type moves will go under you or be completely stuffed.

The point of this, is that it’s very ambigous Try it.

Jumping and backdashing will lose to the kick, where as a very precise dash might be able to under, in which case you will be mostly safe anyway. Watch out for characters that can do that(speacially adon on chocolate) and do medium demon flip instead, or df throw.