what is eagles crossup?if he has one…

oh and how much do you depend on his qcf.P ??? [any punch]
i use it after i trip, [qcf.fierce]cuz ppl have a tendency to wake up with a sweep, i dont know why.

wake up sweep? uhhh… :wtf:

but ya anyway, eagles cross up is his roundhouse. set it up by jabbing twice from closest range, and then normal jump.

edit: Depending on the exact range and the height at which you press HK, you can sometimes seen the person turn around, to block the cross up, but then you land on the same side you jumped on, these can give you free combos sometimes if the person does not know which side you will land on.

i dunno, where im at, at the arcades, lots of ppl wake up with a sweep, or blocking, i have no idea why.