Crossups on wake up?

Can you auto correct Dp all cross up attempts on wake up? or is their a certain point on where you can’t hit them at all or your Dp will whiff? I’m pretty sure if you don’t reversal it will auto correct? but on wakeup there seems to be no time to non reversal Dp if they cross up early enough? If done late in wakeup am I forced to block crossups? Most of the time ill do it late enough to auto correct but because it did does that mean my opponent messed up his timing?

You should be able to autocorrect any jump in, provided it’s not a safe jump. You have to srk so late that it’s almost like the opponent is on the ground though, extremely difficult to do 100% of the time

Also be mindful of what type of move they are doing as a crossup. For example Gief’s HP splash has much different crossup properties than say a shoto j.HK crossup attempt. Gief’s splash will stuff waaay more Tiger Uppercuts than srks. I’m not sure about using Fei Long’s flaming kick, but its probably similar to a shoto srk in how it reacts to crossups.

Safe jumps are the real wrench in the works though. Its often hard to see it coming instead of an expected crossup.

Most crossups you can autocorrect like Foger said. I would plan on getting about 80% of them since really good players have their timing down and its a REALLY tight window to pull it off.

This is a perfect situation for a training room simulation. Record and defend against some crossups and see what works.

How exactly do I block a crossup?

Say I’m on P1 side and the opponent (on P2 side) sweeps me and then tries to jump over me for a cross up. To block that do I do a standing guard with my stick going towards the P2 side where he started his jump? Or is it toward where he is landing?

I basically get wrecked in matches now because people will just do a crossup and then combo into a sweep over and over again and I can’t get out of it because I really don’t know how.

For a crossup you need to block the side that he’s landing on. So in your example, he jumps from P2 side to P1 side, you’d have to block holding the stick to the right.

you contradicted yourself but got the second part right. You block from the side your opponent is jumping from if you believe you are going to get crossed up.

Block in the direction of where they jumped from, usually. However ambiguous cross-ups are attacks that are tricky to tell which way to block. Bison’s is a good example.


Just so u know, Gief knees can’t be dp’d by anyone when done correctly. At least I know this to be true in vanilla but I believe it still applies.

Yea, there are some setups that will make your dp whiff or be extremely difficult to anti-crossup dp. You can’t dp Giefs knees if it’s done with a short jump after a ex green hand knockdown. There’s lots of demon flip setups that will make your dp whiff or get stuffed. Ken/Ryu can make them whiff with an ambiguous j.hp crossup.

There’s a theoretical “perfect” crossup, that you can’t autocorrect against because if you wait, the hitbox will hit your first frame of neutral state after wakeup, which is always standing. At least, this is from my understanding.

there’s a trick to dragon punching a crossup. start at down forward (where they are jumping from originally), then as they cross over your head, go from down forward, to down, then the new down forward, then hit punch. A very easy motion which will end in a shoryuken on the side where the apponent is. The game reads the original down forward and the new down forward both as part of the motion for dragon punch. Timing’s a bit tricky, but the motion is very easy. This works on wake up or crouching.

You can cancel the first frame of wakeup by blocking or doing an attack (that’s why counter-hit meaties are possible), or obviously a reversal. I’m pretty sure dashing and focus attacks will also cancel the first wakeup frame. It’s theoretically possible to space a move that hits on side if the opponent does nothing, but on the other if they do something that changes their hitbox slightly.

Certainly. That’s why you can backdash through meaties. I think reversal timing applies too even though there is no visual cue.