Simple question, does rock have a crossup? If so, what combos do you guys like do after it? I’m toying around with rock and trying to learn a few things. My regular team is Iori(R3) and Beni. I’m thinking of adding rock to the mix for a pretty cool team i think.


He has no crossup. His j.rh will cross up sometimes if you have a the correct jump arc and it’s a crouching character with a large sprite, but no general cross up.


well crap, i dun wanna play with him then :stuck_out_tongue: but he’s just so cool i can’t resist


I’ve gotten J. Fierce to crossup on bigger characters before too. Not with any consistency though. I think if Rock had a crossup he’d be a much more viable character for upper-middle tier. :slight_smile:
Honestly, against my (shitty) competition, I play a sort of rushdown Rock who switches back and forth between zoning and high-low/throw mix-up; the addition of a crossup would make him so much better at applying pressure. Just imagine: Crossup J. Roundhouse, Cr. Short, wait Shinku Nage (or, “Evac Toss” lol). :evil:


I’m having some pretty good luck with throwing out a qcb+mp from a distance so it barely connects, if they block throw out the qcf, qcf+k super right away and catch them while they try to retaliate. Not a combo of course, but it hits often.


i really like to use rock as my second character but i really have problems with him because simply he doesnt have any cross up kicks and sometimes his teleport doesn’t work at all.

that is why i always put rock at first during the game.

question is rock good using k-groove?


Hmm well seeing as Geese is one of my favorite characters I like Rock. The ability to counter damn near anything is beautiful… 9 times out of ten I counter someone trying to hit me while I’m getting up… everyone once in a while, if I’m using EX mode, I will link into a raging storm… cool piece of work.

I don’t like the K groove… involves you getting hit… not my style :smiley:


Why getting hit??? after you JD your enemy’s move you can counter it with a grab, kick or a punch.

its easy to counter supers too…