I love using the quick stickman to go for crossups. Kick down some crossup-setups.

s.jabs/jump in, j.MK

after punch throw, dash/run, KKK jump MK

after patriotcircles, superjump MK

after tripwire, walk back, KKK jump MK

any more?

If you wanna mix it up a bit, do down+MK to hit on the front, or df+KKK pogo bounce to try and bounce back over them when you land. Or whiff j.RH (looks like MK) into low attack on slow people.


I want to know more! :slight_smile:

Thanks. This is quite useful info. Somebody write more…

They won’t. :frowning: I’ve been waiting.

Something after kick throw maybe? I never have to use it… so i don’t.

Japanese have crazy good Rolento’s. Somebody watch some Shiro matches and break down what he does. Ambiguous cross-ups, counter hit setups… all that good stuff.

Hrm. Where can I find some shiro matches?

try c.jab a few times its much better than s.jab.