Crouch H.Punch -> EX Focus Attack?



I have the basic down in this game but the one thing I don’t understand is the timing for focus attacks and when to apply the dash. The crouch H.Punch to EX focus attack is one of the earlier challenges, I can’t get the timing for chaining a focus attack in to a combo as the focus attacks seem to demand charging. Can someone explain the timing for chaining focus attack and when exactly makes this focus attack EX when EX otherwise describes a special using two punch or kick inputs.


Hold it while the EX fireball is out and release it as the training dummy is in hit-stun. That trial doesn’t require a dash input.

It’s called an EX focus attack because you are burning 2 meters as opposed to the 0 bars you would usually burn while holding a focus attack.


It is considered an EX focus attack when you cancel into it from another move (yellow flash).
If you are just doing c.HP into EX focus attack, you would not be able to charge it. You would just hit c.HPxxfocus attack (no charge). That is the only way that could combo (and that is essentially a completely useless combo).


Its one of the trial moves on the vanilla game, it is pretty useless