Crouch into SRK motion?


I’m not sure if this belongs here, but I’ve been playing MvC3’s mission mode, and this is the one thing I cannot do.

What is the best way to do a Crouching Attack into a SRK motion? Because it keeps coming out as a Hadoken motion.

I am using a Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition S stick.


if you tried 623 and it turned out a hadoken, you can try a quick 33+p, this could perform SRK too


There’s really only one way to do it… :d::atk: xx :dp::atk:

If it’s registering qcf you’re probably doing :f::d::df::f::atk:

No, Marvel actually requires some semblance of real inputs.


Yeah, it’s exactly that.

I’m trying to do Viewtiful Joe’s Missions, and one is
:d::l:, :m:, :d::h: xx :dp::h:

If I’m careful, the :d::h: doesn’t cancel into Groovy Uppercut, but if I’m doing it sped up, Voomerang comes out even if I’m doing a straight up diagonal line from :d: to :f:


Only other thing I can suggest is to double-check your inputs in training mode.


im with delirium on this one


You can turn on your inputs on the Mission mode but it kind of sucks that you have to turn it back on every time you exit Mission mode.


My problem with this is that the move comes out to late. Im doing it as fast as I can. Any tips on timing?


turn on your input display to make sure what you’re doing wrong/right.