Crouch Tech counter hit set ups

hey, i was really curious, does anyone have any set ups to get counter hits on people that love to crouch tech ? i would love one, because that would make gief that much more dangerous for mix ups purpose.

While I think it’s always a good idea to try and find solutions to every possible situation, how many players are actually going to try and crouch tech when Gief is in their grill?

sometimes, i use kara throw for mix ups purposes, just for them to add another thing to guess to like… they would have to worry about getting command thrown, regular thrown or what ever on wake up. I use it, just to add another option for them to guess. but also when some people do hold down back and they are trying to crouch tech option select mp… i would like something that could get me damage off of that, so people are stuck in yet another guessing game…

I find normal throw to be good for Fuerte and Gouken. It keeps them from running away or countering while keeping you safe if you whiff.

Isn’t the answer obvious? SPD

man, is it me or people on srk don’t know how to read … i swear man… people need to learn how to read before saying something like " isn’t the answer obvious? spd " lol

You’re right in the sense that what he suggested isn’t a counter-hit setup, but really any time a counter-hit setup would work, a tick SPD would also work.

The only time it really gets to advantages and disadvantages is when they don’t work. Say you’re in a close block string going > and you think they’re crouch teching, so you can maybe delay another with an EX.GH buffered into it, or a c.lp, or you could tick spd. If they back dash or jump, the tick spd is going to put you in a shittier position than the buffered normal. > and then might be the best thing, although I’m not 100% sure if it whiffs on certain crouching characters doing normal os tech, since if it hit, you can sometimes combo into st.lkxxEX.GH, and if they block, then you’re safe.

Again, though, and this comes from watching a ton of good players fight really good Giefs in the arcade, I don’t think a lot of them are going to crouch tech when Gief is right there. Back dash and jump both beat normal throw, but they don’t lose to tick throw, and they get the player away from Gief (at least a little bit). Anyone os crouch teching against Gief is just asking to get SPD’d.

Do you have any setups that you had in mind? or do you know some that you’ve tested out?

well, i have tried out something like what you said, with delaying it but sometimes the other player get’s the counter hit insteand of me. Like, for example, i would do cr.lp cr.lp wait and split second then far. it’s not consistent but i have gotten a few people with it but most people with slow normals on start up like viper, fei and gouken. Also, i know a spd set up would work but i wanted to use something that can safely get me damage and make them guess. I want them to actually have to guess from 3 points of view like… " he’s he going to spd, or normal throw, or combo " if, i get the grab i get a untechable knockdown and i get a 50/50 mix up on wake their wake up, and they try and back dash i can always do cr.lp os sweep and still make them not want to back dash becasue, i get a untechable knockdown from that also.

All in all, i’m just trying to find more ways to keep people guessing on wake up and not have them dependant on any particular thing.I also want set up that i can use without meter to make him even more dangerous especially knowing that he has a kara normal throw.

I don’t think there is a 100% safe move. that’s why we need mixups . I would like to offer you one more option to counter the crouch tech.


man, i wish there was more viper’s like flash metroid around because playing any other vidper besides him, i’m sorry but makes them look so bad. No, offense but i have been playing flash metroid, down here in miami and his viper is just god like.

Tell flash to get at me on xbox… need to calm him down a bit

send me a msg on xbl now pat, lets play!

lol… why r u stalking me joey …

lol that nigga aint going to play viper online… he said, " online is learning match up’s only " and he won’t use viper online. straight from the horses mouth . But yeah man, you need to play some peoople on that level and stop beating up on all those people online lol.

yea, I know that viper in that video probly just a half decent viper. The reason I posted this video is not for showing off. This video only proves that trying to crouch tech gief is asking for ultra or super.

Re:lol that nigga aint going to play viper online… he said, " online is learning match up’s only " and he won’t use viper online. straight from the horses mouth . But yeah man, you need to play some peoople on that level and stop beating up on all those people online lol.

Even though flash maybe is a great player,I don’t think he is correct. I have played many top players online including Alex, Edma, OnlineTony, IFC, Modinside, and Sabin. Each of them are god like. And I also have played with some japanese vipers, they are also very very good even they are not as famus as Uryo. I learnt so much from them. And they really made me stronger.

Plus Daigo, Zangitan, Mago also play their main online. So" ’ online is learning match up’s only ’ and he won’t use viper online. "… :slight_smile:

At last, I have to say that maybe flash have not met any top players online :smiley:

wutongshu, please understand this. The reason daigo said, online is good is BECAUSE HE DOESN’T LIVE IN THE USA. Everyone knows, that japan and korea has the best online gaming scene, because there’s no latency. Like, i would lag without someone that lives 6 blocks away, while when you look at the online matches of mago,tokido vs other players you don’t even see a yellow bar… they have the fiber optic internet. I mean, even when me and you played, you being in cali and me being in ga, we had some lag… lag that was so bad we could barely play one on one. I would dare not compare the USA online gaming to that of Japan and Korea. So, it’s a different ball game. For the most part, for them it’s almost similar to playing offline, it’s acceptable to play online no matter where their opponent is in japan or even in korea!!!

I mean, I have some good connections with some people but 5 bars are rare even with the best connection. I know, it depends on your opponents connection also but man, it’s pretty bad here in the states when, someone from ny lags with someone from cali. I mean, even 1 to 2 frames, which is strict is game changing.I mean, how can you properly play footsies and punish especially with gief, since his linking into it is one frame… i mean, it’s been proven that online in the Us with the best connection there still like 2 frames of lag.

Not to get to deep in it, i have played with people with 5 bars and that shit felt like a fucking 0 bar connection. I mean, playing online and offline is different. i have heard from alot … alot of fucking top players that says " online is fine for learning match up’s but that’s all " . Because offline, it’s so different, alot of people that dominate soley online vs people that constantly play offline… you put that online player against that other guy, i guarantee you he or she will lose. I mean, offline you can hear when someone is buffering, you can read your oppoent better and thus adjust your game to how they are play and dominate them. Online you can’t play at that level, i mean, you can but it’s more so memory fighter then. You playing them so much you know their set ups and shit. But their are few great players online and some that play offline that play online so, it goes hand and hand. But japan online connection is incredible period point blank

To echo that, and add a reason why I think Japanese top players will definitely go back to playing arcades when it comes out, playing in Japan on a good connection is SOOOO much better than playing online in the US, but even in Japan online isn’t the same as offline. Sure, I got 5 bars games left and right, but some of them still lagged a little. I think the only reason the top players play online now is because there’s really no other alternative at this point.

We could turn this into an arcade vs. online thread, but it’s been done 1,000 times on this forum, but there’s a reason I played almost exclusively in the arcade.

To circle back to the original subject (SORT OF). I have a nooby type question I hope someone can explain.

I’ve been running across players are are using the “element” of the crouch tech to counter SPD tick setups. I mean lets say i go jab, jab…tick, in the fraction of a second I pause they eek out a and kill the tick. They are timing their button press just like a cr. tech.

Am I just too slow here? I feel like if I grab any faster the dude will still be in stun and unscoopable.

yea you’re doing it too slow. You should be able to catch him if he’s trying to do cr.short. If the guy you play against loves doing that against you, then maybe you should go for ex-spd, so there’s no way the cr.short will hit you and you get left in better position.