Crouch Tech Kids!



How do i stop kids from crouch tech on me so much…its annoying and i can’t even grab them and if there bison they just fuck me over

  1. frame traps
  2. bait and punish

For 1 you want to know the speed of the normal they’re teching with (usually, but and even are used) and if they’re mashing crouch tech or doing delayed tech. Versus mashing you have to leave a tiny gap for the counter hit setup and against delayed ones you can get more reward by going for a wider gap. No other way around it, watch matches and notice how opponents stagger jabs or go to training, record a frame trap offense and try crouch teching vs it. Practice.

2 doesn’t work all that well for cody because his walkspeed is garbage, but a lot of characters can do something like cr.lp x2, walk backwards (opponent’s crouch tech normal wiffs) karathrow or wiff punish.


Crouch teching gets beat by frame traps, so utilizing them in your game will help a lot. Cody’s game plan revolves around his frame traps, so it’s best to learn a few.

A few good ones;
cl. mp >> cr. hp
cr. lp >> cr. mp
frw. mp >> cr. mp (or cr. hp if you hit with with the tip of the frw. mp)


As a Gouken, crouch teching is extremely bad with the standard + cr.lp, as a is 5 frames startup and is easily frame trapped.
A better option is to do: + cr.lp + i believe which is only 4 frames… haha It’s the best we got :stuck_out_tongue:

But as Gouken, stopping my blockstring early and doing a lp.Parry works great against cr.techers such as Bison.
And also Goukens overhead is good against certain characters cr.techs, Guy for example, at the end of a blockstring I can perfrom an overhead, his tech wont reach but my overhead will.


Im trying to implement these… still hard to figure people out before its to late lol


In the first round, try doing stuff like jump-in, 2 jabs and then neutral jump. This won’t actually do anything, but they’re probably expecting a throw so you get to observe what they do. Do they crouch tech or stand tech? Do they crouch tech immediately or maybe not at all? A good opponent will of course mix it up, but this is good info nonetheless.


You’re having trouble with someone who is mashing crouch tech? You should be having field day on them!

The best part about people mashing crouch tech is that it doesn’t work! simply tick throw them, the tech wont work. Cody has a handful of safejumps/ambiguous crosses etc after both his throws.

But really, as a Cody player, the first button you land on someone should ALWAYS be MP.

f+MP if you are at a distance, cl.MP if you land a successful jump in. If you are good at linking, you can do a crouch MP afterward (1 frame gap, lands as a counter hit on crouch techs). If not, then simply do a crouch LK. It is a super easy link and leaves a 0-1 frame gap usually (depending on your speed of button press). Anytime you press any button after cl.MP against a button masher = win for Cody.

But if you are not at that level of experience yet, then the simplest way to beat it would be to do a crouch jab block string (3-4 jabs should be good) so that they get pushed out of range to land their crouch LK, then just wait 3 frames or so (let their crouch LK come out) and punish it with cr.MP/cr.HP/cr.HK . That’s Footsies 101 for you ;).