Crouch Tech

Does this work in 3s? If so, is there a specific timing for it? I’m just assuming that it works, but I cant seem to tech any throws while Im crouching =D

Please help

it works. you’re supposed to be doing it late though. if any part of a c.lp is coming out at all, it’s too early.

what you mean by late? exactly in time with opponents attacks? or delayed slightly?Also, is it essential to be doing it?

yes crouch tech does work. It works better with some characters rather than others because those characters have useful crouching jabs ex. chun, shotos. Not to be funny but it sounds to me like you just need to work on your throw tech. Don’t despair everyone probably needs to work on throw techs because doing it properly takes knowledge, reactions, and balls.

I’m not sure but I think Gajinblaze is talking about late teching. And the only way I can describe it is: Rather than player wants to throw here so I tech, its more oh shit I’m about to be thrown tech. I know that isn’t very helpful sorry.

Haha yeah im not sure what you mean by that but it’s true I do need to work on my throw techs. I have particular trouble with tick throws especially from shotos so i thought that perhaps understanding the crouch tech might help

Late teching is basically what it sounds like: teching a throw at the latest possible timing, which is I think within five frames after the throw startup? If you pay attention to certain occasions, you can see that the timing of the tech is slightly slower than others.

It’ll help a little. It can also hurt your game because it can become a crutch to be kicked away by an able opponent. I feel the importance of consistently and intelligently teching throws in 3S can only help your overall game.

Just be careful of sggk. I think everyones cr jab can be parried high and low and the the fact that you are crouching too makes it potentially very dangerous. Most people I know rarely if ever use crouch tech

my bad if i was unclear there. by late i don’t necessarily mean at the end of the 5 frames, i just mean that you can’t attempt a low tech until you’re already grabbed. i look at it like this:

frame 1: opponent presses throw
frame 2: a startup frame with their arm partly extended
frame 3: you get grabbed
frames 4-8: you can low tech

in my experience, a standing tech/counter throw can successfully tech on any of those frames, not just the last 5. not totally sure about the numbers but i think the concept is correct. this is how i’ve always understood it but if it’s wrong i’d love to know the correct details.

this is basically what u need to keep in mind. and i think it only works when you’re holding down-back, not just down… someone correct me if i’m wrong… not that it really matters…

that’s wrong. The only requirement is that you push lp+lk while you’re being thrown

edit: sorry if i sounded rude. Didn’t mean to be. just re-read what i typed and by just saying “that’s wrong” makes me sound like a douche. Even though i’m a douche, i hate when i sound like one when i’m not doing it on purpose

douche!!! lol, jk.

i thought we were talking about low teching, in which case u have to be holding down at least… :stuck_out_tongue:

but if we’re talking about late teching in general… well admittedly i didn’t know that late teching works while standing. i always thought late tech implied that u were crouching. it must be cuz i’ve only ever consciously done it while crouching…

if you are thrown crouching and you accidentally let go of the joystick to neutral, you’ll still tech by pushing lp+lk. So whether your stick is on Down or Down-Back is irreleveant because you’ve already been thrown

crouch teching can be beneficial because it option selects into a crouching jab in 3rd Strike. You should basically never ever ever ever ever crouch tech if your opponent is point blank in front of you or near that distance in a high level game*. You should only be doing crouch tech to catch your opponent while he is moving forward to try and throw you so that you can either hit him with a jab (into short into SA3 with ken)

*the only exception to when you should crouch tech point blank is if you’re dashing into someone with a character like a shoto you can do crouch tech short short super or if you dash into someone with a shoto and try the same thing. But even then it’s not a great idea because you’re starting off your attack with a jab which can be parried high or low

the term “crouch tech” or “low tech” is just a placeholder for the option select. there really is no such thing as a crouching tech or a low tech. So what gajinblaze is saying is absolutely correct. When he says you can’t crouch tech until you’re already thrown, he means you cant perform any throw tech of any sort until you’re already thrown. Unless i misunderstood you, gb?

as for the frames of when you can tech, i don’t know. I hate frame data. But my experience is the same as Gajin Blaze’s which is that you can tech throw from frame 1

ahh good point, for some reason i thought u HAD to be holding down-back, otherwise it wouldn’t register as an attempt to tech or something… but apparently i just totally invented that in my mind.

Nobody listen to C Royd.

Listen to me!

UOH is a better tech than lp+lk

it’s ok, dude. I learn new shit every week.

Perhaps a video is in order C Royd? =D