Crouching contest?


Yea so most of my matches include some kind of footsies and zoning but for some odd reason in every match i have a crouching contest. If you don’t know what a crouching contest is its basically a point in the match where you and the opponent is basically crouching together doing crouching hits lk,lp etc.
But when I try to break the cycle by throwing out a poke with Akuma i get punished and i end up losing the momentum of that match and i lose the whole match because i try to attack a little more while the other person is crouch blocking. What do i do to get my opponent to stop crouch blocking the whole match i tried using block strings but sometimes it doesnt work. Akumas bnb consist of starting with a jump in then using crouching lk which fails for me alot seeing that its getting blocked most of the time or i get knocked out of it. or if the lk does land when i got for the lk tatsu followup to do the lp srk it goes over the crouching person ruining my combo. man im lost in the sauce can somebody give me some pointers.


tick throw them till they start teching a lot, then punish them with some frame traps (cr.lp > on block is a easy one)


holdon when i do that frame trap is there some kind of follow up move after the because most likely there going to try to mash srk lol




Instead of just doing block strings, you need to use overheads and tick throws, also. When someone is determined to block, a tick throw is a very good option. Start your block string as normal, but after one or two attacks, walk forward and throw them. You can mix this up between throwing after the first, second or third light attack. Now, one of the reason they’re blocking low so much is because you’ve conditioned them to by starting your strings with So, do like the tick throw, but with an overhead. Start your string, do, c.lp, F+mp. Lot’s of times you can even hit the overhead twice, because most players will follow with a low attack…people just expect you to hit low right after an overhead.

Basically, that’s happening because holding downback defends everything you’re trying to do. Mix it up, so they can’t just hold downback.


fireball to push them away from you maybe?

i mean yeah frame trap is going to lose to a mashed srk… so your going to have to use that shit after you have them scared of the punishment you will dole out on a whiffed dp, and the throws you will land if they just sit and block.

requires a bit of feeling out on your end but it at least gives you options.


honestly if people are just crouching all day walk up cr. MP than if you expect SRK do nothing just take a step back if they still are crouching throw them. I know reversal SRK is annoying but it’s perfectly baitable.


damn so the lk was basically setting up my failure the whole time i guess i hit low too much I never thought of it that way but when i do the over head block string the crlk,crlp,f+mp comes out as a 2hit combo so am i still doing it correctly or is the f+mp is just a extra hit to break the block?


You are akuma right?

Why are you engaging in down-back contests when you can be using short demon flip + MP to hit overhead AND break focus?

Mix that up with his demon throw.

Vortex - Use that shit!


well i do you the demon flip a lot but i narrow it down so i don’t get srk or tiger uppercut so i try my best to mix it up and i abuse the demon throw i love it , especially the ex throw lol. Also thx guys for these tips im seeming to learn a lot here I pretty much have matchups from playing experience but the extra stuff is very needed so i can apply this to my skills


Also I see wat you mean by using lk demon flip because it looks like a regular jump but my main concern is how good of a chance is it to beat some characters anti air because it seems like it would be a very promising safe move to use in a mix up


You have to react to it pretty quickly, imho.

You can also mix that up with the tatsu crossup to keep them guessing.

That is really the issue…Akuma on defense has this wall of fireballs to get through, and then when you do get there, if you are not careful he teleports away.

On offense, he has SOOOOOOO many options that you never really know which one to expect unless the player is obvious.

So, AS akuma, your job is to be versatile enough (versatile =/= random) to keep them confused and guessing, that leads to mistakes which creates situations you can punish.


O alright I get what your saying im pretty use to the defensive thing because i played with guile and i turtled my ass off but i didnt do anything too cheap i still did mixups and all but i like the idea of it. I never really tried to use the teleport too much but i guess i can pretend like im dictator becuase i have experience with that guy too so basically akuma has,bisons teleport which is good to get away,guile like defense with his many fireball options and the mix up game of ken with cross-ups dam thats a good character for ya lol now about akumas health lol


Also is there a trick to timing that crossup tatsu cuz i swear I want to get it down because I was watching a battlefield of arcadia video on youtube and i saw a guy abusing that cross up and he followed up with a cr hk to knock the guy down for more damage i can never get it timed right anyways though


there’s an edit button for when you wanna add something to your last post and nobody has responded yet. in other places people are gonna get mad at you for double posting so much.

but about the crossup tatsu, you gotta jump from the right spot (so you wouldn’t crossup unless you did the tatsu) then you do it like right before you reach their head. practice the crap out of it and you’ll get it down


Here’s the playlist: [media=youtube]H_Id28SVDck&feature=PlayList&p=D3A36AD82A61CDFC&index=0&playnext=1"[/media]

What you’re looking for is the 2 part tutorial on the vortex. You can sort of see when he’s throwing out the air tatsu for the crossup, how he uses option select/throw tech to keep it safe, and chains that into his BnB combos. Good technique to practice if you want a strong wakeup game.

It’s all about untechable knockdowns and your many, many mixup options :slight_smile:


If they’re doing that, it means they think they have some sort of defensive response (mashed SRK) and/or they are completely lost as to what you’re going to do next. If they’re SRK mashers, fine, teleport away and make them deal with fireballs all over again. Or JB IAF. If they’re lost, chances are because they’re weak on the matchup and you can do just about anything that doesn’t eat their last-resort defensive measure, including walkup throw if you’re close enough.

The entire thing about those standoffs is that the other person is specifically looking to react to whatever you’re going to do next. If you have an idea for a fakeout, that’s the time to use it.


Okay thanks guys and I do apologize for the double posting im new to this so im trying to get as much information as possible lol


OP: Dude, you should know that Akuma’s teleport is about 100x better than Dictators.

Literally, it gets him out of all wakeup meaty situations…all he has to worry about is being option selected or having it baited.


It’s not a combo. It’s not a block string. It’s just a mixup. You’ve conditioned them to block low, and now you hit them high. The overhead should hit, if it doesn’t, at least you have them reacting to you, instead of thinking about their offense.