crouching fk

does anyone think crouching FK is like better than crouching fp from sagat or blanka i do. i’ve beat bunch of people in tourneys with just dashing around and doing crouching fk all day then run crouching fk or throw or lk super. i don’t think i ever threw a crackshot, rising tackle, or fireball or that dragonpunch with kick move or using an anti air. ok well bye discuss

terry’s RH(FK = fierce kick? or foward kick?) pisses me off more than sagat’s hp

not sure how you can dash around and then run around and do the FK(RH?)

you can pretty much do the thing thing with rock …

so let me get this straight…
if someone threw a fireball at you…do you jump in Rh, and crouching RH? and then run around and dash some more and do more cr. RH? and you kick people’s ass in tourny’s like that…which tourny did you go to?

It comes out pretty quick. I don’t really think a Terry user would have to use anything besides Crack Shot or Burn Knuckles (but only in a combo). Terry’s dash is pretty quick and you can just dash, c.RH and it catches people off guard a lot of the time. TOP TIER TACTICS.

Geekboy, in match videos i see people abuse the close s.fp or a lot is that his guessing game?

yea sorry i meant roundhouse or fierce kick.

i dunno i play in a lot of tourneys on east coast it worked really well in ECC i ocv’ed like 3 people doing it. what i do basically is walk forward trip, run forward trip, dash backwards trip, just defend trip, mix it up with a throw, walk at you from full screen away trip, etc. i think it’s the most broken move in the game. if you want i’ll put up some videos of crouching RH owning up at ECC let me know

Thats some funny shit. Go ahead and put the vids up. I would love to see that!:lol:

omg…that reminded me of someone i played…he did the exact same thing to me, except he was n groove…it hella threw me off cuz i thought he was a newb or something…it took a three losses to figure out that he’s actually timing my wake ups…and his wins weren’t flukes…

for some awkward reason, trying to jd sweeps are a problem to me

Wow, that guy quickgetup so much… funny… :lol:

Yeap, all us K-groove Terry users play pretty much in the same way… just whore out JD and cr.HK and see how far it gets ya. Maybe a few standing HPs along the way. Of course, once you find somebody that can adapt…

But hey, games are played one match now, so that’s at least one character down (hopefully).

More vids! I want to see how Terry does against CBS and the rest.

Terry’s the greatest

That’s some funny shit. Raiden has too much grab range for a normal throw.

People been using Terrys cr. heavy kick in KOF for years now, does it cancel into power wave in CVS2??

It’s a popular poking tactic in most games hes in, cr. heavy kick >> power wave, then your at perfect distance for jump-in, or super-jump crossup, or wait and anti-air, or poke with light burning knuckle etc etc… Terry is decent at most ranges, not great in any particular one… but good.

It has alot of priority, it trades with Sagat’s fierce though. It’s non-concellable.

Terry can beat almost any one! Terry is literally the shit!

His CC’s are the shit and not to mention his C-groove combos! He is a beast!

For me, the most difficult character to beat is Blanka. Which character do you guys think is the worse against Terry?

I have trouble against any turtlers with Terry. I play him in K, so less mobility. A crouching Guile just confuses me. I have to practice my air JDs so I can jump in easier. I like to let them move 1st, then try and rush/hit and run. lk/mk crackshot whether it hits or not, into crouching RH Kick/raising tackle. knock em into a corner, rape with lp/lk into a low Dunk. Works only once, though :slight_smile: like kens rev. DP+k trap. same deal. Everybody gets one.

i have trouble with blanka too. if a person is trying to rush u down use a rolling rising tackle

Rolling and doing a rising tackle arritates the shit out of everyone!

Blanka is hard to beat with Terry. Especially if you are playing in a C-groove. There is no shit with Terry to punish Blanka’s ball! With A-groove Terry is totally different. As soon as you have that A bar filled, Blanka is no problem! Blanka can fall in Terry’s CC combos very easily.



RYu, Terry, Ken

Hey wuts terry’s best CC’s

This CC works more like an anti air…

When the oponent Jumps, do the following;

Activate, Down + High kick, crack shoot (Fierce kick), down + high kick and pull a burning knuckle (medium punch), down + high kick and pull a burning knuckle (medium punch), just estimate the time before the power runs out and then do Standing HIgh kick and buster wolf or Power geiser. IF you do Buster wolf you can high an extra power dunk or burning knuckle.

This is certainly not the best CC, but it has some decent damage.


C-Terry isn’t that bad to use against Blanka, just play more defensive. Abuse the df.FP and S.Roundhouse which goes over sweeps.

Oh and even though Buster Wolf can’t punish a blocked Blanka Ball in C-Groove you can do a LV.2 Buster Wolf into Power Geyser/HP.Rising Tackle if absoluley necessary. (Close game.;))