Crouching Hard Punch vs. Standing Hard Punch

Is standing hard punch preferred to crouching hard punch during combos and why is that so?

Crouching hard is a slower attack so some links don’t work as well. Although the one perk of a c.HP is that it stands your opponent up.

It is generally better to do a standing HP for comboing, but once in a while c.HP will have its uses.

look at Ming over here postin on SRK
wat up, its Pyro911

yea fool s.HP is faster, easier to combo

Well, I know if you hit a dive kick or deep jump medium kick (Cross up or not) you can combo>stading.lp>cr.hp>Whatever. That is about the only time I try to combo with it. Otherwise standing heavy is a superior move for combos.

s.hp is faster and usually preferred for combos but when doing the standard s.hp xx hado FADC > > > i almost always use c.hp instead of s.hp because it’ll stand opponents up and i won’t risk whiffing the lk tatsu…the link is a little thougher but it’s not that hard once you get used to it

If I see they are crouching I just usually use HP > HP.SRK after the FADC. After all the reduction you don’t really miss a lot of damage.

I’ll take 30 less damage not to miss the heavy damage portion of the combo.