"Crouching ken" - suggestions for Dan?



Hi everyone,

I have recently started SFIV and having lots of fun maining Dan (even if I loose much more than I win!)

You are probably familiar with this situation. You are playing against someone and suddenly both of you are crouhing, stating at each other.

I call this the “crouching ken” because most of the time, it is a ken player with an “I’m-covering-and-if-you-try-anything-fishy-I’ll-shoryuken-your-ass” attitude.

I usually do one of the following:
[]Crouch-taunt for the lulz
]Run away! (dash backwards)
[*]Run away jumping!

I’m looking for more “aggresive” alternatives. I’m all for taunting and stuff, but I’d really appreciate being able to land some blow instead of chickening away.

What are your suggestions? What moves/tactics do you use against Crouching Kens?

  • focus attack
  • focus attack, cancel, hope for him to throw out a shoryuken, punish whiff
  • walk/dash up, throw
  • normal taunt !!!


Crouching Ken, Hidden Scrub :stuck_out_tongue:


I have the same question, but in regard to crouching Balrogs


LK Danku, Gadouken (this is really good because it irritates the crap out of people because they’re dead-set on believing Gadouken sucks), walk up throw, walk up Koryuken, far s.mk, cr.mk xx hp Gadouken, crossup, whiff cr.lk to bait srk, EX Danku, walk up block


Theres no guaranteed safe way to approach the situation aggressively. there will always be some risk involved, in general the more decisive player will come out on top, recognize the situation and react, dont think about it too long.



OP, just walk up and throw. they never see it coming.


Dan has the most enjoyable way of dealing with people who simply sit back in crouch.

Taunt taunt taunt taunt! Just out of sweep range! Or even cancel a normal taunt into a Focus Attack! You’ll break their stoic mindset eventually! :smiley:



My answer to all.

But taunting usually does bait. If it only built meter… but crouching opponents are tricky. I too have the same problem, and I play aggressive with jump ins. Not good.


Yeah sucks Taunting doesn’t build meter, instead we just have to sit in the corner spamming LP Gadoukens, which isn’t half as fun :frowning:

If I remember correctly in Alpha you were only allowed to taunt once per round but Dan didn’t have that limitation being the taunt master he is. Ontop of that he had air taunt, crouch taunt, rolling taunts (which he no longer has) and not one but two Super taunts. I feel like we’ve been a bit cheated out of our taunting power but guess it’s to compensate for actually being half-decent now :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t forget the Autograph Throw! :smiley:



Chou yoyusu! :tup:

Actually I don’t think the Autograph Throw was in Alpha :stuck_out_tongue:


I miss the autograph throw! I wonder if they will bring it back.


Crouching Sagat; Hidden Shoryuken


Man I am an anal person… :xeye:


ok, thanks for the feedback.

I’ve tried several tactics now, and the one that works the best for me is harassing the kens/ryus with several crouching light punches.

Dan’s light punches are quite fast, and you can combo like 4 of them - and then I run away!

Problem for crouching light punches: they are very short-range. If I’m in range for a sweep but not for punches, I run away, too!


Just somewhat(and not really bad either), but if you ponder what Sagat yells before every move and what the english name is for Shoryuken, you’ll get his pun a lot better^^


Fixed :wgrin:


Probably not in a core SF game, but maybe in his next VS series rendition.

While a 8x5 glossy can be laminated and sharp, the idea of his premium sign stuffing any FB (other than his own) likely won’t fly in SSF4. I’m not sure they want to explain :confused: were he hides them either.


I don’t think that would be a problem, due to the ridiculously slow startup of Premium Sign.