Crouching MP

crouching MP owns. it stuffs alot of things when used right. but there’s one thing im trying to grasp:

can crouching MP be late-linked to SA3? the vids i watched when players do this are seemingly doing so. whenever i do it, it doesn’t work out right :\

Are you trying on crouching opponents?

doesn’t have to be

well i guess if you can do mp hadoken you can do mp sa3 try to do jab sa3 and when you get that down im sure you can do mp sa3
just do it faster

just do a mp and already make a supermotion, if you see it hit, press a kickbutton, or better, piano them

I know, just pointing out that it’s easier on crouching opponents.

Crouching medium punch can be cancelled or linked to sa3

I’m pretty sure it can be cancelled and linked :tup:

linked is much better.

kens kara moves,

i want to know how to do ken’s kara grab, kara shoryuken… ect.

Kens Kara’s are garbage aside from the shoryuken :badboy:

honestly does that crouching mp stuff moves? I tried it today on my friends and i couldnt stuff it maybe its just my ken skills that needs work

would you use kens the same way as makotos minus the range of course? but the same principal should apply right?

don’t I do it to you all the time? :clap:

Just keep it simple by sticking out low strong when in range. It’s safe on block but watch out for parries. Watch if it hits and immediately do SA3 on recognition. It beats a lot of moves. I was playing someone using Alex and I beat his low strong(arguably his best poke) with Ken’s. You can link whether if they are standing or crouching. When they’re standing, you can still link but you don’t have as much time.

A setup example is when you go for a cross up, standing strong, low strong. If they try to resist(thinking you’re going for a tick throw), low strong will connect and then you can link the super art.

You can also recognize the low forward which you cancel into SA3…I use this sometimes when I dash in. It catches a lot people by surprise but if you try to it blindly, you’re gonna take damage.

no because i eventually catch up and all you hear is “K.O.” and you have that “wtf ?_?” look on your face. :pleased:

fear my ken skills that i can’t quite make up for!

as well as my akuma, ryu and necro! OOOHH YEAH

Yes I do it with low forward most of the time and it’s much easier for me. But I’m wanting to do it with low mp because it stuffs more things.


i think it’s a glitch. a secret glitch., sets up for U.O.U x super.

Wow, I thinked this thread was 4 years ago

C Royd you are the man.