Crouching roundhouse to ultra 2?

Hey I just saw akmio’s video yesterday (him as deejay) and he did crouching roundhouse (as a anti air) then followed by ultra 2. in the video
It seems like deejay has to be at the right distance, if your not at the right distance cr.Hk as a anti air it makes the opponent fall to fast to the ground. I also saw another video on this, it seems like people uses the max out move that deejay has to determined the disance of the anti air cr.Hk – another video that shows this

Not trying to be a Dick, but we’ve known about this since super. You should check around before creating a new post.

You can combo into MK upkicks as well my friend. Don’t feel bad about posting this shit either. It’s not like the Deejay board is overflowing with well organized information. There is no thread that says “Follow Ups to Anti Air c. HK.” LOL

Damn. Jcool813 is such a dick. :-/

thanks for the info bro!


Lol jcool sometimes doesn’t have patience with newer DJs, but he’s not really a dick.

Lol get out of here T3

Honestly there are few deejay players I like even less playstlyles I like.

lol you must not have a lot of fun on the DJ boards then :sweat:

i like sharing ideas. i think everyone played him wrong in Super. I believed i was the only true deejay. a balance of zoning and offense. too many zoned when that was the only option and not to figure out their opponent. now that AE is more offensive i’m like the bottom of the good deejay’s. i’m a straight scrub in AE. bring back super and zoning QQ lol


lol you should make that your gamertag :smiley:

TBH I may not be as good as you, but I never liked pure zoning with DJ in Super. When you do that, you are resigning yourself to playing Black Guile. Knee shot and his jumping mk were far too seductive for me to stay full-screen all the time. I suspect other DJs thought the same way.

HELL YES. Once I saw Akimo vortex somebody I was like “I HAVE to add kneeshot to my game”…that led to my style being more rushdown.

…Even in super it seemed like it was easy for characters to avoid fireballs anyway.

Never said pure zoning. I barely see any fireballs in deejay gameplays