Crouching Shoryuken?

Hey everyone, I’m in the process of learning Ryu since many say he is the character to learn to get a hold of the fundamentals of the game and I’m having issues in the early stages. I’m trying to learn one of Ryu’s basic hit-confirms (Cr.Jab - Cr.Jab - H.Shoryuken) and I’m having trouble performing the uppercut motion from a crouched position as I have to cancel the last Cr.Jab into the uppercut. I would get it some of the time but I feel it’s because of mashing it out and it doesn’t feel natural so I wanna ask you guys how do y’all perform the motion from crouching?

There are two ways you can go about comboing a cr.LP into a HP Shory.

  1. Linking
  2. Cancelling

Imo it’s more beneficial to learn how to link it because it there’s more time to confirm the cr.LP’s and gives you more time to do the Shory input. It all comes down to whichever’s easiest/more natural for the individual though. It’s best to practice both ways too just for all rounded knowledge on timinigs.

If you were to practice linking it’s just straightup timing and execution practice. If the Shory doesn’t come out you’re doing it too quick, if it gets blocked you’re doing it too late or you did it too early and the Shory came out from a negative edge. Practice just doing cr.LP repeatedly but seeing how long you can pause in between each one and still get it to combo so you can get a feel for the timing, this is to ensure you’re linking not chaining 2x cr.LP.

Cancelling is a bit similar to linking, it requires you to make sure that the 2x cr.LP’s are linked (not chained) and then you have to input the Shory motion out really quick because the opening for the cr.LP to be cancelled into Shory is so small because the move is so fast.

As for the inputs for the Shory from crouching just use the shortcut, down forward, down, down forward HP. As long as you’re consistent in doing a Shory using this motion in training mode then the only part you would need to worry about is the timing.

Hope this helps, bit technical i know if you need any further explanations do not hesitate to ask.

tdksparda’s advice is godd, but I thought I’d add that there’s a very good guide with Air (Ryu player) that goes over this as well as a bunch of other stuff here :

IIRC, Air said he uses the shortcut of crouching using down-forward, and then inputting forward, down-forward and punch to get the SRK to come out.

EDIT: Also that vidoe guide I linked to is a little outdated as it came out in the days of Super SFIV, but most of the stuff in it still applies.

Thanks guys. I’ve taken the advice TDK gave me and the tricks Air gave out and my execution on this Hit Confirm has improved, I’d say. I’m not perfect at it yet, but that isn’t something a little practice won’t fix.