Crouching Shoryukens

i have the hardest time canceling into these on the 1st player side, do the majority of the pros use the short cut df df or am i better off just trying to get a cr.lp srk cancel without standing up via repetition alone?


(Assuming you’re talking about SFIV)

With Ryu/Ken/Akuma I find it easier to link from cr.lp because it gives enough time for a hit-confirm.

Practice this:
(hold :df:) :lk:, :lp:, :d: (or :db:), :df: + :p: (double tapping the :p: gives you a better chance of hitting the link)

Basically once you do the cr.lp you wanna do a quick wiggle from :df: to :d: and the again into :df: and then double tap :p:

If you’re a Sakura player though, learn to link into and then cancelling into DP. Or preferable cr.hp into lk/ex tatsu.

yes sf4 and no main char yet im just trying to get the theory down

so the shortcut is the way to go then, thanks man
any other input is appreciated

Well if you’re going to be playing Ryu, then linking into cr.hp xx tatsu (or xx tatsu if you’re further away eg. after a x-up) is generally a better idea unless you’re going to cancel into FADC Ultra. It does more damage and pushes the opponent toward the corner. I’d recommend learning those combos first.

In AE far xx tatsu is better than I believe.

when preforming srks from a crouching position, do the pros use the downforwardx2 shortcut or the actual srk motion, i am still unclear?
i have a hard time doing the full motion in time for a cancel.
thanks in advance

Uh why would you want to stand in the middle of the motion if you don’t have to? Are you feeling guilty about using a shortcut? Don’t feel guilty, it’s part of the game.

yes that exactly it, i feel like im cheating and want to use the full shoryuken motion but if its widely used / advantageous to just use downforward^2 than ill definitely start practicing that.

when using the shortcut i tend to input the following(sorry for my lack of proper notation)

neutral -> down -> hp+downforward

does this sound proper to you?

Part of SFIV? Yes. Part of every other fighting game in the last 2 decades and possibly newer Street Fighter games due to the amount of backlash it received? Not Likely.

Why not just learn the real thing and get it over with? It’ll be tied to your muscle memory; it’s not going anywhere.

To cancel an SRK motion from a crouched position, I separate the movement into two parts

  1. Doing:d:+ button
  2. Going straight the SRK motion quickly

It seems like the best way for to execute this combo is just to differentiate it from an easy crouch>QCF cancel. That is simple enough because you are already holding :d: to do the :qcf:. With the :dp: motion, you must switch to :f:quickly. Speed is the key here. This means going from :d:to neutral to :dp: so you will interrupt the crouching normal with enough time for it to show as a cancel.

Just use the shortcut. There’s no reason to make things harder for yourself. Yeah it might makes things bit harder for you in other games, but there aren’t many other games/scenarios where you would hit-confirm into DP from a low anyway.