Crouching Sobat directional control? OP, useful, or useless?

I don’t anymore but back in vanilla and SSF4 my mains were Guile and Chun. The one thing I liked about Chun that Guile doesn’t have is that her cr. fierce moves her forward relatively quickly. Guile’s only crouching move that changes his position is his cr. hk, but this is typically too slow for positional strategies.

Has this ever been suggested:

Allow his cr. mk to be very similar to his standing sobat kicks. If Guile is holding df, his cr. mk will move him slightly forward. If he’s holding db, it will move him slightly back. If neutral, he stays neutral.

Obviously this is an insanely radical change. I was kind of excited by it since it allows Guile to keep a flashkick charge while changing his spacing. It could have negative affects too (mainly that you move backwards by holding db with mk when you might rather just want to stay neutral).

What do you guys think of this? Would it strengthen Guile, weaken him, make him OP, or is it just plain old stupid and will annoy everyone.