Crouching to dp motion combos


These have always given me trouble. Going directly from crouching to a dp motion. How do you do it fast enough, especially something like c.lp shoryuken? How do you get that motion so quickly without the dp shortcut? It feels really awkward.


There’s a really smooth way to do it…difficult to describe, I’ll try and film it when I get in.
When doing your crouching attack hold :df: instead of :d:
To follow into the “Z” motion you actually trace a triangle with your hand but still follow the last bit of the “Z” motion - never hitting neutral: :df: :f: :d: :df:
So, the complete motion for a poke into a dp would be :df:+:k: :f: :d: :df:+:p:
Bare in mind that with some characters a :df: input will trigger a unique move like a slide, but for most, this is a nice way into it.

Sorry if that just looks like I’m saying “just do a Z motion” try it and see…you draw a triangle rather than a Z lol that make sense? I’m too tired…


Use the shortcut motion…

cLK, cLP, SRK (do the SRK with df, d, df+P) You just wiggle the stick and press punch.


does not work with all games


I don’t use the shortcut motion because 1. yes, doesn’t work if I play a game that isn’t SF4, and 2. still feels awkward and it’s not as easy to transition into FADC or QCFx2.

I’ll have to try something like what manbehindthewires says, though. I’m new to stick and have a square gate, so I miss diagonal often.


Take Ryu for example,

I would just press:
Down and heavy punch

Or if it’s really close and your not good at blocking sweeps/mid attacks and teching grabs
Use focus attack and dash back, from absorbing a hit to a little invincibility to move out of the way


Sometimes you have to adapt to whatever game it is you’re playing.

Back in the SFII days it was easier to do a crouching short and cancel it into a DP, the game runs slowly (except for HF and ST, of course) so you had something around 3 days during hit stop to cancel a normal.

So all you had to do back then was press down + LK, let the stick go back to neutral, press forward and do the DP motion and it would work

When SFIV came out one of the first things that I noticed was that the window was smaller, so just doing like I used to didn’t work anymore.

So you have to adapt to the game by either buffering the DP motion into your normal by doing a quarter circle from F to D, pressing the normal and then finishing the DP motion and pressing the punch button **or **you have to use the shortcut the game offers you.


How dose this have anything to do with the subject?


Well, I’m doing pretty well just keeping the stick at the edge and making sure not to go back to neutral.


Hi! Late and sloppy as hell, but here’s the motion I was talking about.
Note that this is with Ryo in KOF, who has a command attack for :df:+:k: so I switch from :db: to :df: in between normals.


Note that with certain characters(shotos in particular) you can actually link the DP after the jabs rather than cancel into it, which is particularly useful for Ken. Thanks to this, it’s reasonably simple to do c.lp and follow up with the DP after the second hit, because you don’t need to do it ridiculously fast.


I get QCF x2 moves when I do cr to DP .


This is because you are ending the dragonpunch in forward, you have to end in down-forward and stay there, do not complete the quarter circle forward, otherwise you’ll get nonsense like supers.