Crouching to standing charge?



I play on a stick and holding charge going from cr.lp to st.lp is proving to be a bit of a challenge as I often get a jump backwards. Wondering do you guys charge after the cr.lp? Or do I just need to practice stick control?


Practice control. Slide the stick from down-back to back in order to keep your charge. If you jump, you’re going to far.


It was a really good idea to make an entirely new thread about this. The community needs to stop grabbing for the low hanging fruit and really dive into more advanced techniques like not jumping from crouch. Next up on the agenda: methods for accurately choosing Bison from the character selection screen. Hope you don’t mind if I horn in on your thread action and ask a few questions of my own.

Hey guys, I use my teeth instead of my hands to control the stick, and I sort of flop my head around and hit the buttons with my right ear. However, I am not getting the crisp execution I see on the youtube videos. What can I do to finally raise my XBL PP above 6 points?

Is a tv/screen absolutely necessary to play this game?

Whenever I want to play SSF4 AE, I put in my Dance Central disc and begin dancing. What is going on here?

I’m noticing only some of the matches take place in an actual street setting. Why is the game not called We Will Sometimes Fight in the Streets (But Not Exclusively!!) 4?

What is (and where is)

Can I buy a bird-dog?


p.s. What?


I pretty much disagree with everything you’ve said here.


I have this same problem, I use the d-pad on an Xbox controller can anyone give some tips