Crowd Reaction on Evo DVD's

I’ve found that the dvds which I have watched have been practically devoid of this, but to me, watching youtube matches is only really fun because I get to see dope fighting AND hear the crowd roar.

Any past dvd’s that have reactions still attached? Any plans to do so on this year’s?

Iirc 2K6 had croud noise, although I haven’t watched it in ages. Can’t comment on 2K7, still need to buy it…

Iirc, a nice person figured out how to do it the right way for evo2k6, but previous to that it wasn’t done correctly which is why it doesn’t generally show up previous to that. My 2k7 discs aren’t here right now, but I can check them later if you want. Pretty sure they had crowd noise.

edit: private donut says that the 2k7 discs have crowd noise, so I guess that’s solved. :tup:

<3 Guys, thanks for the info. I think I only really watched older ones (such as 04). Let me know :tup:

The Evo2K7 dvd’s did have crowd noise, especially for marvel :looney:

Yeah, my friend bought EVO2K3 way back and I loved it so I bought 2K4. Huge letdown in that aspect.

Yeah, I didn’t like how the SBO DVDs cut it out too. Kills all the hype.