Crowds in stage backgrounds


I ve been playing sf2 since i was a kid, played sf4 the most… since its release.

I cant stand it anymore,crowds in the background of the stages looks like retarded puppet,clowns etc…
SF4 is from past now i have a big problem with capcom doing the same type of animation for people in the stages.

I feel like they dont fit in the stages, IMO we dont need em, empty or almost empty stages would look twice better and capcom would’nt be wasting their time
on stupid spectators. Almost none of em are required to put some life in a stage… Did you ever look carefully how they look in SF4 ?
People dont like stages in sf4… Remember in tournaments / majors every one is selecting the training stage…

Im doing this thread because i wanna know if im the only one or some people share the same opinion…
this time I hope capcom would stop wasting their time on useless work and provide us good stages…
Especially since we wont have character specific stages once again for X and Y reasons.

Here’s a gif of what ive noticed in the chinatown stage of SF V.


What we got here??? mmm disappointing video huh? i had to post this…

I expected more from SFV stages… but this is how capcom are animating our stages since SF4… Filling stages with BS like that.

THIS IS NOT acceptable.

Im a big street fighter fan, to be honest i gotta admit stages from MK, Tekken and DOA are far better from the one i ve seen in SF4/SFV… > not impressed at all.

capcom do something about your stages… they can be improved ALOT.


People select training stage because other stages can cause lag on ps3. (Or at least people think they do, whether it’s actually true doesn’t matter)

Also occasionally because certain stages make it hard to see certain characters.

The idea that a significant percentage Tournament players are selecting training stage because the people in background of other stages look silly is fairly absurd.


You must keep in mind this was a tester build meant to show gameplay. I am sure they will polish the backgrounds and crowds as the game progresses.


Just as long as the training stage is not a selectable stage, then I don’t care. I’ve had more then I can take of that stage.


I spend so much time in the lab, especially when using characters I don’t play that much like Ibuki, that I too am tired of that stage, haha.
KI’s training and MKX’s training stages are great. You can load up the stage BGs in KI and with MKX has that nifty hologram elements.

It’d be cool if you could pick any stage you want and toggle the ‘training grid’ on and off.


early 2k KOF series had a tournament feel around because it had camera set with camera men and crew, crowd that had name of the fighters that are cheering plus a nice stage intro. They had coliseum stages and ring stages. While I like the Nash stage in the original SFalpha when people is like betting. its feels like a real street match.


Come on, even the Supreme Court has legalized gay marriage, you’re still on about it? /sarcasm

In all seriousness though, I too hate Capcom’s crowded street-themed stage designs. They give us the same shit all the time. We need the cooler Alpha designs back!


Not in Street Fighter ok? thanks

the stages would be better without retards… or gays in a bus. IMO.

Except that SF V looking really good.


Don’t see what the fuss is about. We’ve had badly animated crowds in older Capcom games.

Some of y’all are trying to nitpick at some of the most irrelevant things.

This kind of language is quite offensive, especially for someone new to the site. I suggest you watch yourself lest you lost you ability to post, or even just log on.


the games gonna be 1080p 30 fps on ultra settings on a r7 250 So I’m fine with whatever capcom’s up to.


I’ve got an R9 270x, hopefully that’ll get me by for the next few years.
I don’t trust hardware, haha.


so you guys think is it quite normal that there’s 2 guys literally humping each other like that in a street fighter game? i find it quite disturbing so much more than the spectators/crowd since SF4.

IMO Street Fighter is not serious anymore.

I.E : Birdie in alpha > fat birdie now.
good stages every sf games > guys in the bus now.
alot of alternate costumes are so fugly and they are selling these.
ingame music is a joke.

Alot of filling in the stages,hyperactive kids, lion king/hypos, spectators on LSD, IMO monkeys in the jungle act the same as sf4 crowds.

People off balance everytime you get thrown / landing from a juggle.

I HATE THE STAGES goddamnit they SUCKS.

best stages in SF4 : morning mist bay, temple, car bonus stage FFS > the rest.

too many stages cloned and not enough good stages… crowds are not necessary in every stages.

At least in SF V so far i have to admit chinatown looking decent except those two idiots in the bus.

Despite what Capcom will do about the stages i know i will play/enjoy the shit out of SFV… But… you know the rest.


I wouldn’t mind the animation if they didn’t look like they were from a bad looking N64 game.


If this is what you see, and you have a problem with this idea, then you have more problems than just the backgrounds in a Street Fighter game.


i dont want to argue with you Dev… since im the only one complaining so far… I think one guy in the bus should disappear and i think capcom could do better stages… they were pretty disappointing in SF4 / Sfxt IMO.

You guys are actually enjoying stages since sf4?

I would like an option to remove stuff in the stages that would make it for me.


Some of my favorite stages in fighting games are those with crowds in the background cheering the fight on. Especially the ones from the later Alpha games and CvS2.

IV just continued that trend and actually made improvements because the crowd, while somewhat goofily animated (but then again, so were the ones in past games), actually reacted to the match.


Are you like one of those self-loathing homos? You seem obsessed with getting rid of those two guys on the bus, it’s very alarming.


nice try there…

let’s just keep em there… so they can finish what they were doing and since you don’t mind you can enjoy the show everytime you pin someone down in the corner.

I’m obsessed about everything ridiculous in street fighter

Starting from Rufus to the rest i mentionned above.


Well, so far I think the crowds at the background of SF5 aren’t as distracting as some of KOF XIII’s such as the France stage.


This guy is so mad