Crown joystick question

Hi are the crown joysticks any good I wanted to swap my happ competition joystick since its not really responsive… it works and all but It just doesn’t feel responsive to me. Can the crown joystick be compared to any other joystick ? what is it similar to ? I don’t want a stick that has too much throw like a jlf

Crowns like all k-sticks aren’t quick.
If you’re looking for speed, k-sticks wouldn’t be what i recommend.

what joystick would you recommend ?

Most japanese joysticks are as fast if not faster than a JLF, like seimitsu joysticks.
If you’re willing to go with the fastest though, there is Industrias Lorenzo’s Mag-stick and Suzo’s STC500 that are very fast. Both being US/EU joysticks.
Finally if you already own a JLF, there exists oversized actuators to speed it up. You would just have to order one.

This one says under cons that It might not be able to fit inside my mass how do I find out before i purchase?

Depending on the case you have may also limit what joysticks you can put in it.

which joysticks can go in a mas? I can post of pic of the mas

MAS sticks are huge, you dont have to worry much, just as long as the mounting brackets are similar to happ/euro sticks.

since magsticks are done by iL, chances are they mount the same as a happ/iL stick. you should be fine, but look at measurements from here to make sure: (under downloads, there should be a pdf with diagrams) and compare it to your MAS stick’s mounting hole spots.

Appreciate it ill check out those pdfs

What should I be expecting from the magnetic joystick? whats the difference between the comp stick and magnetic by IL

can this go with it ?

That gate will only work on the Sanwa JLF. if you wanna try out any non Happ/il joysticks in your mas you can use this to fit them in the case.

I’m still using an Il stick but i just don’t want the circle gate inside I want a square

I have no experience at all with this lever, but it has selectable 4/8 way action.

Thanks just what I need ill buy this one