Crown, KZ2, ps3 mic, mirrors edge


Selling some stuff. Only taking paypal. US buyers only. Each item shipped with delivery confirmation.

Killzone 2 $42 shipped

Mirrors Edge $20 shipped sold

Condemned 2 $10 shipped sold

Official Sony PS3 bluetooth headset $35 shipped

Crown CWL303 $25 shipped.


I want the mesh ball and 2x24mm buttons let me know if you want to split your stuff up. Thanks


i want the meshball pz!


I’ll buy the whole lot.


sorry of parts for $20


I’m interested in the buttons too.




payment sent, thanks sir


there was scartches, scuffs, and some small stains on the buttons i received halfie… Shipping was great, packaging was great but I wasnt aware I was getting straight up used stuff for that price. be more clear next time please


thanks for the compromise sir. have a feedback thread?


Nah not yet. I’ll go put something up. You have one?


Halvie if you have more stuff for sale in the future let me know X_X hahaha :slight_smile:


That’s a nice looking dresser you’ve got there, you selling it?

Carpet is nice too.


bump…KZ2 price dropped.


ill take condemned and mirror’s edge off your hands :rock:

pm me




payment sent