Crown sdb 202s not working

Hey hope everyone is safe. So 5 of my crowns stopped working properly is this common? I initially thought it was my 20pin bought a new one and it wasnt it was the buttons. Only found this out by swapping to sanwas.Not crying I actually ordered 8 more I love them.

Question is has anyone had them go out b4 I haven’t really found any instances of defect online? Mines are about 6months old played with but not punished by any means. On some the copper connectors give(wiggle) a lil so I’m wondering if that’s the issue? Mind you the 5 buttons do work but they dont trigger 100 % like previously. The hitbox has never been dropped I’m sure it’s my fault just confused on why it happened thanks to all who reads this💪🏿

It is too hard to say what is wrong with your stick without going in and doing a diagnosis.

If you got a multimeter I would say to do some continuity tests.

Unfortunately I dont I figured they went bad due to me recently switching cases. But once I switched them all 5 now sanwas are hitting on all cylinders which again threw me 4 a loop. I initially figured I had a short just not in my buttons. Again not a issue as long as i dont screw these up although i baby it already. Thanks 4 the reply!!