Crown the King of VA 1/1/06 Results - MVC2

Great tourney, hope to see more next time though.

** * Marvel vs Capcom 2 * **

  1. MagnetoManiac (NOVA) - MSS, Santhrax, Row
  2. Foomyjin (SOVA) - Magneto/Sentinel/Cyclops, MSP, scrub, santhrax, team duc
  3. Redrover (SOVA) - MSP, MST, Scrub
  4. ShawnLoganownzu (SOVA) - Storm/Cable/Commando, Scrub
  5. Forgot
  6. Forgot
  7. Forgot
  8. Forgot
  9. Forgot
  10. Forgot
  11. Forgot

Jinmaster - you threw me off with your skills. Thought you were a tekken player but you play marvel well. Thanks for throwing the mvc2 tourney in there. Hopefully I’m ok at tekken the next tourney so u can take my money :smiley:

foomy - good games in mvc2 and 3s. havent seen you since the gametime days, good to play you again.

Redrover - good games in casuals and the first to 5, it was close. good to play you again as well

shawnL - sorry that the controls bs’ed you soo many times, but redrover and i were about to shake your hand after the games and u just left. =(.

ggs to all i played, hope to see you guys at the DC monthly

sorry if you wanted to post this jinmaster just got impatient :D. oh and if you find the full results u can tell me and ill edit this.

EDIT: oh yeah jermaine you mind if i take a look at those vids you recorded? i saw you record one set, not sure if you got anything else, but if you dont thats cool.

11 people? Christ.

Besides MagnetoManiac, were there any non-SOVA players in attendance?

my bad lol… yea im a choke artist in tournies, its a proven fact

gg’s to all and it was good seeing every1 again…

Bill, where did u come from!!!