Crowning Moments of Chun Awesome

So I was having a pretty good run yesterday on ye olde XBL; not exactly winning everything but putting up a good fight even against opponents with four times the GP. Even got a few “GG!” messages, which was a first for me.

A few times, I found myself wishing I’d been recording the match. Not because I was completely trouncing the other guy, or because my play in general is at all worth making public, but because of little moments I wanted to savour, like, say:

  • Having a Claw with just a sliver of life left and a full ultra-meter, sitting crouched in the opposite corner, just waiting for me to be stupid enough to toss a full-screen kikouken, giving him a chance to unleash hell. So I hobble up and down a bit, faking it, and sure enough the guy was on such a hair-trigger that he ultras into my waiting (read: blocking) arms, only to die under the loving ministrations of approximately 9000 kicks to the face.

  • Imagining the incredulous look on the face of a cocky, taunt-happy Sagat-player - who’d beaten the snot out of my poor Chun in a previous match - as he mid-screen ultras to try and chip down the last pixel of health I have left, only to watch me split-second-backdash just out of range of the first knee and lob him flat onto his face (FTW) as he comes sailing down.

  • And my personal favorite exchange of the night:
    Guile (who totally kicked my scrawny lil’ butt in the first and third round): "BRING IT!"
    Chun: (far HK to the face, which dizzies -> walk up, c. FP, HK Legs, MK Legs, EX Legs) “Gomen ne!”

What about you guys? What brought a smile to your face, recently?

hitting c.hp>lk hazanshu 3 times in a row on a scrubby abel player just because i could and he didnt seem to know how to block it

made me chuckle

and beating any ryu/akuma
spesh the later

i got an emp member hyped and jumping out his seat for beating me (my fav bfa moment)

I can beat people who don’t suck with Chun now=)

add me on PSN: clutchLT23

My absolute favourite thing to do is rush-down someone until they’re stunned, and then taunt them while they’re dizzied and let them recover.

I’ve gotten so many angry messages, all of them hilarious.

My favorite taunt is Number 9 - Absolute best

I got a angry message from a guy on XBL for accusing me of turtling as Chun, he was boxer but he would’nt attack so I just started building meter, when he came at me I gave him a few well placed kicks and he went hurting back in the corner. He only got one good boxer combo into ultra. Still beat him 2 in a row.

Dash ultra vs. cheese calzoners

Last night, my most awesome moment was seeing the screen slow for Chun’s super just as the hapless Sagat next to her started the throw animation of his gazillionth tick-throw attempt of the match. And then seeing him eat it FTW. 2 frames, bitch! XD

That, and my first succesful dash ultra (evar) vs. a supremely annoying Seth’s sonic boom. It’s bad-ass how she steps forward, says her line with the fireball mere inches away from her face and then just blows right through to pummel the poor sod who had the gall to throw the ill-fated projectile.

I really love those brief moments where you already know your opponent is in for a world of hurt, and you just have to sit back and watch the animation finish. It’s part of the reason I’m so fond of playing Chun, I think - though I imagine people playing, say, Akuma have the same thing about landing Raging Demon.

Earlier today, I randomly connected a c.LP, c.LP, c.LP, c.LP > Super Combo for the win against a cornered Ken in Championship. I originally intended to whiff the Super for chip damage but it ended up combo’ing which I didn’t expect to work. I thought it was pretty cool. I wonder if it’s a one-frame link. If it is then I could have just linked an Ultra Combo if I knew I was actually going to pull that off, lol.

Last week at a friend’s Street Fighter IV session, I played against a friend’s Dhalsim. Near the end of a round, I shot out a Kikoken. Dhalsim got hit by it from far away and right when I saw that, I immediately executed the Ultra Combo. Everyone was like, “What…will that work?” and it actually connected because Dhalsim was still in hit stun animation from the Kikoken. I’m like, “Oh snap, that’s some MvC2 / TvC hit confirm shit right there, lol!” That was like my second time ever doing that in a real match.

But just a couple weeks ago, I was playing against a friend of mine online who’s an Abel player. I connected the air Target Combo (HP, HP) into the usual c.HP > MK Spinning Bird Kick, and I decided to follow up with a whiffed Super Combo for chip damage but it ended up combo’ing as well. I was like, “What the, that connected?! Oh damn! That was freakin’ cool!” Then for the rest of the matches, I tried to do it again and again but kept failing. My friend was like, “Stop going for it, it’ll never work!” I’m like, “Hey, I did it once and I’ll do it again!”

I saw that video on YouTube where Y24 (Japanese Chun-Li player) won the latest Japan Nationals Tournament for his team, taking out a Sagat for the final victory. I rarely ever watch Japanese players but I’ve learned a bunch of combos and setups from Y24’s Chun-Li. Using Y24’s idea(s), I’ve created this combo that I defeated my friend with, Focus Attack Dash Cancel, c.HP > Lightning Legs, c.LP, c.LK > EX Lightning Legs > EX Lightning Legs > EX Spinning Bird Kick. You can also connect an Ultra Combo in the corner but I wouldn’t go for that, lol. When not in the corner, I’d just connect one EX Legs. I’ll only go for two if I need the necessary extra damage. when I first saw Y24 cancel the c.HP into Lightning Legs, I was like, “Whoa…how is that possible?” I had no idea how he did but I eventually figured out a way to do it on my own. It actually requires me to use both of my hands quickly on the buttons (I couldn’t figure out any other way) but I’ve mastered it, lol.

So those are my latest awesome moments with Chun-Li. There were a ton in the past but I can’t remember.

-Getting S.HK reset by sagat off a jump in then him tiger shooting while im landing only to have me Hosenka right through. Happens all the time. they never learn
-ex sbk a Rog thats ex dash punching then connecting the full ultra juggle ftw!
-i did an emty jump in on a rufus and he tried to ati air me with his ultra (chip damage alone woulda killed me) so i landed safely and blocked but i was doomed so i just tried to ultra for fun and it worked. I ultra’ed between some of the hits in his ultra, not sure which ones tho, but its possible.

Breaking even in some Endless battle sets against Aulord earlier today.
Felt good, man.

Chun’s damage output makes her a comeback Queen!!! I dunno how many times I’ve responded to a taunt with a massive combo that dizzies my previously overconfident opponent. The only proper response is …“Gomen Ne!”

What a perfect taunt.

I had this awesome match the other day against a pretty good Ryu. He owned me two rounds straight. The 3rd round, it looked very bleak as well. I was down to 1px health left and he had like 60-70% health. I concentrated on the game, carefully attacking… far HP, another far HP, then HSU, EX legs > U2 > KO :smiley: It was no way a safe attack but I caught him off guard.
We were pretty even in the 4th game until I dropped the ball on the last bit and lost the game. Still, that 3rd round gave me so much joy :slight_smile:

I love it when i do Hosenka at the enemy, The Final kick to the ass is the Finisher.Such an epic way to end a battle and frustrate tour enemy.
Like my opponent was thinking"Please let me have more life!" then after the Spinning bird kick going upwards , She KICKS them in the BUTT and BOOM! K.0! and chun-li goes down gracefully like nothing happened.

I have to say, after sweeping into a Ryu’s focus (like an idiot -__-) a few times, it felt really, really good to nail him with the infamous Swedish Firecracker into Ultra 2 when he decided he’d discovered my kryptonite and got complacent; hanging back and fishing for that focus non-stop.

Yup yup yup, had this happen to me tonight! This overly cocky Gouken player had a 75-25 health lead on me and decided to throw out his “come on then!” taunt. 10 seconds later I came back to win round 3. He must’ve felt foolish afterwards.

same here

landing random hasanshou for no reason and random sweep for no reason is always the best.

most importantly: random ex legs!

i played against a ryu not too long ago and he thought he could be slick by doing ultra 1 as a wake up. little did he know i used my df.HK cross up before it came out and landed the win!