Crowtournatinals Biweekly #9 MI


WHEN: April 4th, 2009
WHERE: Detroit, MIchigan. The Crowpartment, PM for directions.
HOW MUCH: $5 for SF4, TBA for SC4

Soul Calibur 4 Singles
Starts- TBA
Single Elimination
System- XBOX 360
Prize Pot- 1st gets 100%
Rounds per Match- 2/3 first rounds, 3/5 after that, 4/7 finals
Time Limit- Default
Lifebars- Default
Soul Gauge- Default
Characters- Everyone
Stage Select- Random
Banned- Any known glitches and anything spotted that is obviously an intentional glitch. (Camera Breaking, G2/G22 type things, etc.) Infinites.

Street Fighter 4 Singles
Starts- 7:30pm. You must be signed up/paid for before 7:30pm. I will not wait for you
Double Elimination
System- XBOX 360
Prize Pot- 1st gets 60%, 2nd gets 30%, 3rd gets 10%
Rounds per match - 2/3 first rounds, 3/5 semis and finals, 4/7 grand finals
All Settings- Default




FYI, if the Digital Ops tourney gets moved back a week, so will this one.


I’m coming!


New tourney date for this is April 4th, as to not conflict with the new Digiops date.


K time to trash talk!

Shardz ur C.viper kicked my bison in the mouth pretty good, but i recently bought some orbit chewing gum so now he’s got that fresh clean feeling back!:bgrin:

Crow we have yet to play sol cal with each other…don’t be scared!:nunchuck:


MM first to 5 for $20. :slight_smile:



is this the internet?


Eck he sek e d


y should i pay u to beat me up.:rofl:


Damn it, I was gonna use the money to cover entry fee at SC4 DoM, haha ;_;


Beating me in SF4 is easy, the REAL challenge is getting me to keep playing it at least until BlazBlue comes out this summer. :lol:




Pretty sure it’s a different guy, I don’t think the Brawl player is old enough to have registered in 2k1 :lol:


OMG i’m there. My first SF4 tournament in 10 years!!


teh bumpzor


I didn’t even know this was on srk. lol

I’ll be there though.


Can I get the addy to this place? MM’s?


I’m not gonna do MM’s at this one. lol


It’s in St. Clair Shores near where 696 meets I94… I don’t have the exact addy handy, just pm crow. lol