Crowtournationals #10 - Detroit, MI Biweekly

WHEN: April 18th, 2009
WHERE: Detroit, MIchigan. The Crowpartment, PM for directions.
HOW MUCH: $5 for SF4, $1 for SC4

Soul Calibur 4 Singles
Starts- 5:00pm
Double Elimination
System- XBOX 360
Prize Pot- 1st gets 100%
Rounds per Match- 2/3 first rounds, 3/5 after that, 4/7 finals
Time Limit- Default
Lifebars- Default
Soul Gauge- Default
Characters- Everyone except Bonus
Stage Select- Random

Street Fighter 4 Singles
Starts- 7:30pm. You must be signed up/paid for before 7:30pm. I will not wait for you
Double Elimination
System- XBOX 360
Prize Pot- 1st gets 60%, 2nd gets 30%, 3rd gets 10%
Rounds per match - 2/3 first rounds, 3/5 semis and finals, 4/7 grand finals
All Settings- Default

hey sup ps3

so crow i can bring 3 ps3 all unlocked characters and about 5 sticks and a tv can we run sf4 on ps3 plz

o shit i’ll be there, this time i’ll have working buttons. (i’ll still get beat up).

Only if you actually have enough sticks/controllers to meet people’s needs. One thing that I absolutely cannot stand is multi-console tourneys.

wait…wtf is so bad about the 360 one?..if you play on a stick its the same damn game :confused:

Nothing. There’s always just one guy that HAS to play on ONE system, 99% of the time it’s a PS pad player, which slows down the entire tourney for everyone because they can’t be put at any other station, or they are forced to play without their beloved console specific controller and then get really mad when forced to use otherwise.

Also, rereading the statement, I realize he’s saying that he wants to bring 3 PS3s and 5 sticks, which the math does not equal up AND means that he wants EVERY TV to be PS3 and NO ONE to use the sticks they bring. The rules state this is BYOC. And it’s XBOX, which is what the majority of us have in MI. Sorry, this isn’t going to fly. Timing is THE most important issue here, I’m not going to be there all night running tourneys because of one or two pad players that are tied to one system.

I’ve dealt with this at too many tourneys for too many games for about 8 years now. I was a PS2 pad player for SC2, and I had to find a way to get converters for multi-system tourneys. It’s up to you to do the same Shawn, no offense.

Ummm there is no converter from anything to xbox360 sorry to burst your bubble. The majority of fighting game players own a ps3 since that is tourney standard. I dont mind playing on 360, but know that most players have a ps2 joystick they could easily get an adapter for ps3.

That’s incorrect.

For example, Echeesekid uses his PS2 stick for our SC4 tourneys, which is tourney standard since the PS3 version of SC4 has slowdown that dosen’t exist on the Xbox version. No input lag. Works perfectly. And it still costs less then a custom stick!

yeaaaaaahhhh also sorry to burst your pubic bone, no one wants to pay 90 bucks

but they could just put a 360 pad in their stick for 20.

I didn’t say it’d be cheap. Merely said it exists, works perfectly, and that locals own it.

Someone that takes this gaming thing seriously is going to eventually invest some cash, anyways. You can’t expect every tournament to accommodate you if you willingly tie yourself to one system specific controller. I’m honestly still surprised at Grego saying PS3 is standard, when at the last two DOM tournies XBOXs FAR outnumbered PS3 setups (to which, I still point out the sole PS3 setup didn’t have all the cast unlocked… for two months.) in both SF4 and SC4. I’ve never heard that at all, ever, until that post, or experienced a tourney. Not even to mention that, until the rumored price cut comes, the Xbox is by far the least expensive system. Which I think would attribute to the fact that there’s, you know, more Xboxs to use.

Either way, Xboxs weren’t a problem for the 22 people that were here last biweekly, it’s something I know for a fact I can get enough setups for, which is important since this has to get done in a reasonable and timely fashion. Based on past experience, this is the best for my tournament, and it’s what I’m sticking with.

Doesn’t work perfectly… I swear something feels weird about it.

Crow you need a 22’’ LCD there with speakers(i have a vga cable for a 360 too)?

Last time I heard few people complain that one small tv in the middle of other big TVs.

ShardZ- It always seemed fine when I was using it. Eric uses it pretty religiously, unless Eric is some sort of freak of nature that inputs everything early to compensate for lag.


That was Aaron’s White TV. You’re more then willing to bring a setup, we have the shelving space for about four setups. Possibly five if your cables are long enough, but people are going to be packt like sardines in a crushed tin box if we have that many setups, lol.

Cool, I’ll throw my setup in my car encase we need it.

– Kevin

I already knew about that adapter when I posted that, that adapter lags and drops inputs for 90$!!!111 So tell me there is a ps2->x360 adapter cause that is not one in the slightest.

I just used the top one, the green one, a few days ago and it didn’t drop inputs at all. :confused: To be fair, I don’t own it, it’s Echeesekid’s, but yeah. He’s never had issues with it either.

i thought i heard the converter worked fine with pads but had lag with sticks

sorry crow but i gotta side with grego on this one, there’s a reason Evo is all PS3.

…fanboy-ism?? :confused:

um, no. While the 360 is the better system overall imo, fact is you can only reliably use 360 controllers with it whereas on the PS3 on top of having a default pad that some ppl actually prefer for FGs (I hear Wolfkrone was goddamn BEASTING with Viper at the last DoM tourney) there’s multiple adapters that have been confirmed to work 100% flawlessly (see: Laugh’s InPin adapters in the Trading Outlet). It’s just silly knocking aside a well-reasoned decision with “lawl u gaiz r fanboiz!11!”

my point is…more then 80% of hardcore fighting gamers (just a rough guess) use arcade sticks anyway so its kinda moot to decide a system based on the default controller, which in all honesty…BOTH systems standard pad’s are balls imo…and if you practice with a 360 pad just as much as a ps3 pad itd be the same thing as if you played on the other…i for one hate the ps2/3 pad with a passion but its my opinion.

the only truth is the adapters and compatability between sticks and adapters in which PS3 DOES have more options for sticks…but shit…is it really hard to buy a stick for 360 and make your own with those cables…?

obviously i know it costs some money to do such a thing but obviously they would have enough if they have enough money to get a ps3 anyways lol.