Crowtournationals #10 - Detroit, MI Biweekly

I have a TE stick for 360, nothing for PS3 and no adaptor for my PS2 stick. Also, I prefer the TE over my PS2 stick. Unless I can get enough money together to get a PS3 TE stick, then 360 is where I’m at.

but its just the fact of what crow said earlier…

more people in the country own a 360 more then people own a PS3…its the same game on both systems

Good job to Josh & Carl for holding it down while Bum Basherz were on vacation, lmao

For the record when that viper player used that adapter against me yesterday, it paused the game 4 times during our match. It is a very reliable piece of hardware for $90!!!

crow i don’t really see the problem with multi-console tourneys, i think that’s the direction a lot of them are headed with this generation

anyway, very good games to everyone yesterday, especially ladymachine and PL for taking it to the wire! grand finals were hot, watch that shit when it gets up on youtube.

grego, i think we’re just destined never to run into each other in singles, lol

Josh- Well, I guess I’m not going to be the one running them.

Grego- If you had said something during ONE of the 4 times of the match I would’ve done something about it, especially if you’re insinuating that it was affecting the outcome of the match. It’s a little sour grapes to not say anything for over three hours to me about it then make that post. Wolfkrone never told me anything like that either, although I suppose I wouldn’t have either if I had won, lol. Nor did anyone else that watched your match.

I’m sorry that the converter possibly did that, although I honestly question whether it was just Wolfkrone accidentally pausing himself since it was used all day prior to that without problem. Nothing I can do about it the day after.

ive used the converter for over 6 months now and ive never ever had it pause the game. something else paused it, maybe the ps2 controller, but it was not my converter i can assure you that.

also a thing to note. i have the 3.0 i have heard that older versions do lag and drop inputs. mine does not. regardless of what other people will say im extremely happy with it and so are the people that use it with me.

all im sayin is if someone brings ps3 setups w/ 2 sticks per setup i don’t see a good reason not to use them

for me personally it’s not that serious, just my 2 cents