Crowtournationals #10 Results

SF4 had 31 entrants. Sadly, my f’n bracket program got f’d up and I only have top 6, but anyone that was there knows how crazy the tourney was.

  1. Josh Ballard - Seth
  2. Perfect Legend - Akuma, Balrog
  3. Lady Machine - Sagat, Rose
  4. Grego - Sagat, Cammy?
  5. Aaron S. - Abel
  6. Dorian - Ken?

Serious great time. Loser’s finals and grand finals will be uploaded per usual.

SC4 had 13 entrants

  1. Wolfkrone - Hilde
  2. Whit - Siegfried, Astaroth, Raph
  3. Crow Winters- Algol, Mitsu
  4. Dorian - Cassandra

Nice tourney, Crow. I will have to work on something for Sagat and Balrog (like execution and not jumping in on Sagat). Honda will be represented whenever you have the next tournament.

GGs to everyone I played especially Josh in the finals.

Also I used Seth too aswell as Rog, but in the finals only.

Good job to Josh and Perfect Legend for holding it down while Twan was away you dig! LOL! OHIO! YEUH! LMAO!


Damn, now OHIO gonna get banned next time! LMFAO!!!

yeah that tourney was off the hook! epic finals too

Awesome tourney! :smiley: GGs to everyone I played

Good stuff Josh. You just use Seth?

I think I already posted this elsewhere on SRK, but basically very GGs to everyone and thanks for having me as always. Carl gave me the best matches I’ve had yet in this game, and they should be going on THE INTERNET soon.

And yeah James, I only play Seth now. Hey, I’m a jack of all trades fighting game player so the jack of all trades character is working pretty well. Plus it will help for 5v5 qualifiers, seeing as yall have too damn many Sagats & Rogs. =P

standard - crow UL’s the vid and doesn’t tell anyone. :lol:

Very nice. Seth is badass in the right hands.

Great games to everyone.

Josh, your Seth is scary as fuck. I gotta learn how to fight him.

vids of LFs & GFs are fully up on Crow’s channel now!

GF isn’t totally up yet, still have to get set 2 up

GG to everyone. Thanks for the tourny crow.

Yea the tourney was crankin’. I need to play u josh, and see what this seth is really about. You coming to the monthly?