Crowtournationals #10

WHEN: April 18th, 2009
WHERE: Detroit, MIchigan. The Crowpartment, PM for directions.
HOW MUCH: $5 for SF4, $1 for SC4

Soul Calibur 4 Singles
Starts- 5:00pm
Double Elimination
System- XBOX 360
Prize Pot- 1st gets 100%
Rounds per Match- 2/3 first rounds, 3/5 after that, 4/7 finals
Time Limit- Default
Lifebars- Default
Soul Gauge- Default
Characters- Everyone except Bonus
Stage Select- Random

Street Fighter 4 Singles
Starts- 7:30pm. You must be signed up/paid for before 7:30pm. I will not wait for you
Double Elimination
System- XBOX 360
Prize Pot- 1st gets 60%, 2nd gets 30%, 3rd gets 10%
Rounds per match - 2/3 first rounds, 3/5 semis and finals, 4/7 grand finals
All Settings- Default

I’m there! Probably won’t bother with bringing AH2 though. I’mma try it out for myself first, buuuut… [media=youtube]7ued0XRh2Zk[/media]

im there

I will be attending this one finally i have a Saturday off you should bring AH2 Ill have it and i will bring somebody else that plays too we will have fun.

ah2 runs better on an emulator lol :3

I’ll be there; putting you back on page 1.

I can bring AH2, but I mean, it’s a lulztastically bad port so unless anyone has a f’ing gaming laptop they wanna get the ps2 emulator running on and bring that it’s not gonna be srs at all.

Shawn, the PS2 port of AH2 really is that bad. ShardZ and I played it last night and… yeah. He’s totally right, haha.

well shit…im scheduled to work…but i might be able to get someone to cover me til 10…

7:30 to 10 should be enough time right? lol

Last tournament was done at something like 9:20, although granted that grand finals weren’t played out. 4 f’ing setups for a 22-man tourney ftw!

Owing to my brakes sucking ass, my chances of being able to go have been lowered quite a bit. Saturday’s the only day I have time to replace them, so unless I can get it done between 5:30 and 7:00 I won’t be able to make until the hypothetical Crowtournationals 11.

yea…i cant get anyone to cover my shift…so im out of this one as well…

and the next one is the night of a concert…:(…this sucks

Hey, let’s rank this thing with my tournament, k?

Edit: You should also put a thing in the thread title about it being in Michigan.