Crowtournationals #9 Results

1/2 Split: Grego/Ladymachine
3: Shampoo
4: Aaron S.
5: Ryujin
5: Tigerbang
7: Crow Winters
7: Ayanami
9: STDbutnotSTD
9: Yuske
9: Mr. Funky
9: The Man
13: ShadowGlare
13: Jacob
13: ShardZ
13: Whit
17: Bigwayno
17: Mike
17: Adam Sloan
17: Josh
17: Kevin
17: pachi

1: Ryujin
2: Crow_Winters
3: Whit
4: Mailbox on Fire
5: Kilitz
5: Echeesekid
7: Bigwayno
7: Ayanami
9: pachi
9: Zidonis
9: AmosGunner
9: GTFOCandy
13: STDbutnotSTD

Shout outs later when I’m not dying of sleepy

Great tourney Crow, it saw silky smooth :stuck_out_tongue:

4th is the best I’ve done, so that was pretty cool.

I’ll get you next time Grego!

i got 5th so im really happy,
bldave was scared of me im pretty sure.
and my harddrive is now clicking…

good tourney…i wish i couldve stayed and played some more matches with you all.

and aaron…we will have more abel matches…:stuck_out_tongue:

I did pretty badly (last place lol, I’m Adam Sloan). Aaron’s Abel cross-up pretty much destroyed me. E. Honda will have his revenge, though. The next meeting is in two weeks, right?

Man I tried to get a ride out, I’m dissapointed.

hey crow is there a way you can upload the brackets? id like to see who everyone fought.

That was one hell of a turnout, pretty sure easily the biggest yet for a crowtourney! And so many ppl bringing setups Crow actually told me not to bother this time. :lol: See you guys in 2 weeks! Assuming my PS2 doesn’t crap out I’ll be bringing a setup for Arcana 2, maybe do a free or $1 tourney if there’s enough interest and Crow’s okay with it.

Yeah, was a good turnout. Ran smooth as hell. Hopefully turnouts like that continue since I know how people in MI are scared to get better or something. :hitit:

ShadowGlare- Yeah, here ya go:

ladymachine- well maybe that’s about to change, here’s one sc scrub that wants to lose as frequently and often as possibile in order to learn. :tup:

yes i enjoyed that tourney very much, especially it being my first for street fighter. maybe i will be able to play on a stick next time!