CRt TV problem

I went to visit my parents recently.
Their living room TV, a Panasonic standard def, CRT 32", had a weird problem.
At random times, the whole image was scrunched into a very thin horizontal line in the middle of the screen. Sound was still coming in fine.It was on all channels apparently. I checked all the connections , antenna, power , etc were all secure.

It would do this "line " thing for a few minutes and then go back to normal afterwards. Its happened both at day and nights randomly they say.
No changes to their entertainment setup(all they have is a rabbit ear antenna and a simple dvd player from 2000).

Any thoughts?

Smells like they need a new TV.

It’s starting to break. My sister’s old tv did this for awhile. Eventually, you’ll have to bang on it for it to restore the picture, then after awhile, it just won’t work anymore. Either get it repaired or buy a new tv.

tube is dying out or the inputs are losing connection. money is on the tube. tv is about dead

Your tube is shot.

You can pay to get it repaired, though.

However, CRT TV’s cost what… 9 dollars, these days?