CRT TVs are to Big & Bulky! Are there other Tvs/Monitors I can buy for Tournaments?

I think the title explains a lot of the issue I’m having in looking for some No Lag TVs/Monitors. If there are already threads that suggest which TVs/Monitors to buy that are cheap (I hope). Please post a link I really need help. I looked at few thread but they didn’t help me. If you have any info or have a thread suggestion please post.

Hi every one I host tournaments at a Game store. In the store they have big 47 inch flat screen TVs that’s are wall mounted but they Lag. They do have a few CRT TVs but there big & bulky. They take up a lot of space & the store owner was looking for something more modern then a tube TV. If you can suggest on a TV/monitor that will be good for Fighting games like Super Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6 & Super Smash Brother Brawl/Melee which are a few tournaments that are hosted at the game store please help me out. If there are any threads/post that you know of that can just point out which TV/monitor i should buy please post it here. I really need help & I’m trying to solve this problem ASAP.

I was told that computer monitors dont lag is this true?

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TL;DR: ASUS 23" “evo monitor”

Yeah, how’s that gonna work with Smash Bros?

Let just throw this out to start…
All flat panel monitors lag
It is all about finding ones with less lag.
Panasonic makes a 37 inch LCD TV that only has about 2 frames of lag. I can’t remeber the model number but it is in the input lag thread
Other that that, PC monitors have less lag (like the asus) but don’t have inputs for gamecube/ps2/wii

Take an svideo to VGA Adapter and most video cards come with a VGA port and you can run your games through your monitor using some sort of tuner tv card software like pinnacle is what i use to use for my ps2/orginal xbox.

Also something like this

Smash players usually have those cheap 5" TV’s to play on, If the smash community goes to a tourney they usually come prepared.

Yea I been hearing about the EVO ASUS Monitors. I think all in all the ASUS Monitors & CRT TVs are the way to go. Thanks everyone for the help I will check out all the links everyone has posted again thank you.

There’s loads of cheap TFT monitors on the market, which have under 1 frame of input lag. The LG monitor I have the moment 2361v has under a half a frame of input lag. And only cost a little over 100. High refresh CRTs are only needed if you want high refresh rates. So 60FPS -120. If you don’t mind 60FPS then just but a TFT monitor.

some monitors might lack input options, but the asus monitor mentioned above (at least some model of it anyways) have component input on the back, and you can use a wii w/ component cables, and a ps2 with component cables to hook them all up.

Look into the LG FLATRON W2363v. It’s hard to find. But has very low lag.

asus monitors are really good.

dont even try to play smash on LCD. its terrible. if you do intend to host smash, ask their community to bring setups (what funkyP said), alot do have their own small 10’’ sets


The ASUS monitor that comes with component inputs- is it still near zero lag off the component input?

I believe the only one I could find with component inputs was like 25.5".